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Heading to Rocky ...

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Pandar, May 3, 2010.

  1. Hi All,

    I'm heading to Rockhampton (from Sydney) in about a months time and was hoping that I could get some advice on a decent stop over place for both direction of the run.

    My preference is to do 800 - 1000 k's on the first day and am not that fussed on the route that I take (within reason).

    In short, not after anything flash, just clean accommodation, a decent feed and a cold beer within walking distance. Secure parking for the bike would be nice but not essential.

  2. 800 to 1000 k’s is a huge days bike riding... do you do long distance riding regularly?

    Most of the time i have destinations but not necessarily planned places to stay... just in case i don’t make it on that day... or, if i get there i feel fresh and might push out another 80 to 100Ks

    what sort of bike are you riding?

    I was able to clock up some big k’s going across the Nullarbor and return, and some good days going up through the centre to Darwin due to vast highways and increased speeds... but travelling around Tassie or even around NSW outback i’d only pump out 550 to 650....
  3. I don't do this size trip every day ... but have done plenty in the range you mention with plenty of hours left in the day.

    As to the bike .. a 2000 model guzzi jackal.
  4. Well, I had the opportunity to do the trip. My lovely partner was in the UK showing off our newly born son and so I decided to visit a friend I hadn't seen for many years who had just moved back from the west coast to take up residence in Rockhampton. So the plan was hatch to ride from Sydney to Rocky and back. Two days ride up, two days there and two days back. Now, could I have scripted it to be worse than it turned out .... well probably, but not by much.

    If you are a Rugby League fan you may recall the weather for game one...plenty of rain to say the least. Thats what I woke to on the day I was setting off and to say that I had trouble dragging myself out of bed at 5:30am when it was bucketing down is an understatement. Well, I had rain on and off all the way to the border.
    I rode through to Toowoomba (900 ? k's) where I bunked down for the night (after watching NSW loose in a Qld pub ... that was fun)

    Next day, I rode to Rocky and to keep it short spent the following two days with a stomach bug which had me on and off the loo far more frequently than I thought humanly possible. Lost over 4Kg in body weight in those two days. I was very close to making the call to fly home, but thankfully I did come good and so was able to make the return trip by bike. (After passing on my bug to one of my hosts).

    The return trip was a repeat of the trip up in that the Qld leg was lovely weather, but the NSW leg was wind and rain pretty much all the way. The trust mount for the trip was my 2000 Moto Guzzi Jackal.

    So some other facts and figures and what worked.

    The Trip up ....
    Scone 260k
    Armidale 248k
    Stanthorpe 250k
    Toowoomba 150k
    Goomeri 205k
    Monto 260k
    Gracemere 240k
    Total 1631K's

    Fuel - 92.94Ltrs giving 17.35 / Ltr

    Some Gear I used ....
    My much loved 25year old leather jacket. Australian Made - MCA is the brand I believe ... not sure they still exist. It hasn't got armour which is the down side, but I do love it ... very comfortable, can always keep warm in winter with it (layers are the key as we know) and never too hot in summer.

    Forcefield Pro back protector. Purchased for the trip. I hope I never have to test it, but it was extremely comfortable. No reason to ever be without it.

    Rossi 811 boots. Tested the waterproof claim. I did get some seepage on the return trip. Inspection showed probably through the flag behind the zipper. This being one area where there is no waterproof lining. Too put this in perspective, I had a damp sock, wasn't cold at all and was in rain all day. I'm not complaining ... they performed as well as I expected and some sno seal will probably cure the problem.

    Dainese Jerico Gloves. Very good. Totally water proof. Only issue was my hands did get cold coming over the bumps around Armidale. But I'm not sure any gloves would have kept me warm there. It was very cold and very wet. Heated grips are the answer I think.

    Draggin Cargo Jeans + Knee Protectors. Jeans were very comfortable. I was sceptical about the knee armour (from a comfort view point, but I had no issues at all.)

    DriRider Rainsuit. What are they, about $100. It did the job so no complaints. I don't expect it to last for ever, but for the money, these are great.

    AirHawk Seat Pad.... A gift from the heavens. Enough said.

    Andy Strapz - Topsakz.This was this bags first trip and it was great. Worked a treat, never moved and looks like a chainsaw would struggle ripping it. Actually when I was showing my mate in Rocky, I said I believe its made from truck canvas and his comment was if trucks used that canvas, they'd have a problem at the weigh bridges :) I can't remeber the cost of the bag ... I know they're not exactly cheap .... but worth the money I'd say.

    Oxford Tank Bag: This has been with for a while now and is probably past its best. I would say it falls into the same category as the Rain suit ... cheap but does the job well and I'll be happy to replace it with the same when it does actually fall apart. I guess the only down side is that I have got a couple of scratches on the tank because of it .... but I don't think thats a brand specific problem.

    Thats all folks. A great ride, only encountered one idiot that tried to kill me in his tin top.

  5. Hey well done Pandar! :D

    It's good even if just to say you got to do it! Congrats.