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Heading out in ferntree gully

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Kranzy, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. So, late notice I know, but spur of the moment thing, since i've been in the gully a while now and still know pretty much nobody here and hsve been just sitting around in the house being far too bored... I might head to flannigans tonight for a bit. anyone interested should come down say hi. I'm in a wheelchair at the mo so you can't miss me! hope there's somebody else keen for a beer.

  2. When you out of the chair dude? I'm in Lysterfield if your up for a ride some time.
  3. at least another month before i'm riding... and they wrote my bike off so I'm gonna really start looking for a 954 while im down.
  4. where's furntree vally and flanigans?
  5. lol. a while away, Stump :p

    i live in Upwey, so im like 15 minutes ride away.
    thats 15min on the pushy, my VTR is currently rather bent :(
    i dont usually hit the local scene, prefer the city nightlife myself.
    happy to catch up though, and once your out of 4 wheels and onto two, im up for a ride.
    better have my bike back by then...
    where have you moved from?
  6. originally from the bush up near Horsham...
    I now work down at cranbourne and have lived around there and never ventured up here coz everyone I know here's south more or disappeared interstate!
    Still been going out in the chair... Don't even need to walk when i've had too much :p and I get the valet treatment haha
  7. aaaahahaha, u cant stumble around like me, but i can roll you into a ditch :p :cool: :LOL:
  8. How did you do yourself the mischief?
  9. Hahaha yeah actually, someone pushed me out of my chair by hitting a big hole in the footpath the other week!! was a friend of mine and an accident so, no love lost :)

    And misteranthropy, the winner is........ Stupidity! :p
    Haha here's my post on it
  10. Nasty! You still want to ride right?
  11. Oh shit yeah, i'm getting all depressed coz I can't, family is trying (like always) to make me stop but it's my passion! Imiss riding more than walking and it's my primary concern for gettiing better, so I can get a new bike!
  12. You going to need rods or anything? Clean breaks? A month seems not so long for the way you looked in the hospital bed.
  13. Couple pins in my elbow, all 3 breaks were right on the joints, so fairly bad but it's been about 3-4 weeks now (I think, no time concept at mo) and i've got to get more x-rays in just over 3 weeks to see if I can get the casts off and from there, who knows!