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Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Unconnected, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. was riding down to canberra via the costal roads today, when i met the biggest ****wit i think i have ever seen on the road.

    Was merging onto the princes highway via an onramp, in lane that i was merging into, there was a long steach 300C wedding car, with another behind it.

    I felt that perhaps it was rude to merge into someones potential wedding motorcade, but i was quickly running out of road.

    Started moving to the right to merge, i had almost run out of road by now, when i looked back to find the ****wit in the second car had completly closed the gap, nearly running me off the road and forcing me to brake hard to get behind them before i did actually run out of road.

    I was so incredibly pissed off that this selfish prick had done such a completly uncomprehensible thing, the gap was more then large car sized, and i would have overtaken the lead car anyway, and not interuppted their wedding procession.

    I rode up along side the drivers window, and flipped him off, ****wit deserved it for nearly killing me i figured.

    At which point he wound down his window and started a screaming obscenaties at me and flipping me off.

    Im sorry you ****ing stupid cock smoking ****, ITS MY FAULT THAT YOU RAN ME OFF THE ROAD?

    I hope to god he didnt have a wedding in his car at that time, because his actions would have completely ruined their day.

    I dont think i have ever in my entire life witnessed such an example of selfishness, lack of consideration for human life and lack of remorse on the roads.

    I take comfort in the thought that he is probably a complete and utter failure at life (considering his profession as a bogan limo driver, and the way he acts while on the job) that he will hopefully soon kill himself out of shame or get glassed in the throat for being a **** head.
  2. yes, they do that.
    that's the one reason LAMS bikes can be dangerous.
  3. So you're a bit pìssed?

    In hind-sight, if you were concerned about interrupting the motorcade, could you have slowed earlier and merged behind the second car?

    Reading the remainder of your post (and the colourful description you painted of the driver), do you think that "flippin' him off" was a truly sensible thing to do? After all, if (in your words) he's a bogan with no regard for your safety; a 180kg motorbike isn't much of a challenge for a one tonne plus of limo should he choose to use it in anger!

    Sorry but I think you're the one with the FAIL - for not assessing the situation better and then going on to antagonise the driver who you'd already described as being hostile/aggressive.
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  4. I'm with Blaise on this one. Mark it down to experience and keep it in mind the next time. If you are lucky enough, you'll either have the whole off ramp to yourself, where you can slow or stop if needed.

    It doesn't matter that much if you're riding a LAMS bike or not, they'll still do the close the gap off, block the road shenanigans.

    Ride to survive.
  5. Sorry i didnt make myself clear last night.

    There was plenty of space to merge, when i went to start moving over and looked back again, i found he had closed the gap on purpose to cut me off.

    To wait for both cars to pass would have ment slowing right down to probably 40-50kph (110 road), due to the length of the cars and the time it would have taken them to drive past me, considering their was constant light traffic, this would have made merging very difficult and dangerous.

    The reason i was at the end of the merge lane, is because i could tell that the difference in speed between my car and limo1 would have allowed me to comfortably slot in, at the correct speed, behind the limo1 about 5 meters before the lane ended, had limo2 not sped up and closed the gap, it would have been a perfectly executed maneuver leaving a safe gap between my bike and limo1 and 2.

    I know how to merge onto a freeway, its something i do multiple times every day.

    Limo2 has an obligation to allow me to merge infront of him as my bike was significantly ahead of his car (at least 1 car length, not to mention letting me merge is the logical, polite and accepted way of driving.

    Even if i was not on a lams bike, to have gunned it to get infront of limo1 would have been a fairly close shave, these were very stretched limos and the merge lane was not very long.

    As for antagonizing the driver, yea i know its a bad idea to pick fights with much bigger cars but i wanted to express my displeasure with him. Obviously i didnt know he was a psyco until after i gave him the finger.
  6. Live and learn... better than being dead right!

    Not necessarily correct although it appears to make sense and would show consideration. Look at the following two diagrams shamelessly lifted from pp. 120 of the NSW "Road Users Handbook":

    Scenario 1:
    Vehicle A gives way to vehicle B

    Scenario 2:
    Vehicle B gives way to vehicle A (although I wouldn't push it!)

    Rule: Where the lane you are driving in ends and you have to cross lane lines to merge with the traffic in another lane, give way to traffic in the other lane.
  7. Unless they're stretch hummers, I think I would've stood on the pegs to check the other lane and just merged straight over, passing through the gap and overtaken the first limo.

    Unless this isn't a multilane carriageway, not familiar with the road.
  8. What I wouldn't give to have these pictures turned into road signs. The amount of fwits who cut in or blare their horns because I'm not letting them in (usually due to the amount of traffic around me) is getting tiresome.

    To the OP, with the extra info, I agree, the limo driver and limo should be put into a compactor and turned into desk ornamets.
  9. ^ Stupid ****ing road rule. And you wonder why people have NFI how to merge. You do not slow to a crawl/stop on an onramp. Slowing down while trying to merge onto a 110km/h road is absolutely ****ing stupid.
  10. Ok, now tell us how you really feel unconnected...
  11. Umm... This road rule has been in play for at least the last 40 yrs.
    If you're merging from an on ramp, it's your responsibility to give way to cars on the highway.
    Having said that, it is a matter courtesy that cars usually allow space, not blatantly close it down. But the world is full of fwits, so when merging, do it early and decisively, so you aren't solely relying on Fwits to let you in.
    So how do you pick the fwits? Assume they all are, then say thanks to the one that isn't.

    At on ramp sections of freeways, it is nearly always a cluster****!!
    I think most humans are too stupid to merge or allow it without it becoming a problem!
    It's been that way forever
  12. Agree. It seems to be a bad rule. In effect, if the road is not completely clear the merging vehicle would have no option but to slow to a halt. Stupid and dangerous.

    Four40, why aren't you letting them in? Isn't that basically the same as the limo driver?
  13. ...those road rules never made sense to me. In Germany you are taught the zipper effect...drivers let each other in through flowing traffic...not make one driver slow down for the other and cause traffic headache for everyone. If it flows it goes!

    EDIT: Also...common courtesy. It doesn't seem to happen all that often since most people think they own the road and are better than you, especially those who drive expensive cars.
  14. Zipper effect applies in Vic where there are no lane markings, but not where a lane ends with a dotted line.

    Victoria did try to fix this about 10 years ago. The proposal was that it was an offense to NOT allow a vehicle to merge where a lane ends. I had thought it got up, but there is nothing in the current rules about it.
  15. Good Grief Raven.........it might be correct but forgodsake dont do that if you go to Qld......:p the general consensus up there appears to be 'just bolt onto the freeway without so much as a sideways glance' :-s

    its intriguing actually....... you go from the above....then cross the border into NSW and you immediately get the left lane moving across to the right to let merging happen fluidly...... well, mostly [-(
  16. ... even got it right in NZ - check the signs...

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  17. See now that would make sense to let merging traffic in...it keeps traffic flowing. Don't most freeways if not all of them in Vic have dotted lines till the end? The only time I ever see the dotted lines just disappear before the road ends is when multiple lanes are reduced down by one lane...but traffic is already flowing at equal speeds (well you hope) and merging is simpler.

    Thank you sir...that makes much more sense!
  18. Shouldn't it say "Loike a Zup"
  19. Did you miss the part about traffic? I'll let people in, when I'm not boxed in by others cars.

    The most recent incident, I had 1 car in front, barely enough room between him and me for a car to get in safely, a ute up me clacka and another dude right next to me in the right hand lane. No a good place to be in granted, but traffic was flowing.

    I make a point in keeping an eye on on and off ramps and move or slow down (if safe) to make more room to let people in. Although that has backfired once or twice....Mirrors on cars aren't there to admire yourself in.
  20. OK, that makes it clear. Now that you've described it I can relate to being crowded by impatient merging drivers.