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Head vs Heart (GSX750F/ZX9R)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Bravus, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. For those who are not yet tired of the on-going stooorryyy of Bravus' search for the other love of his life (besides the one he'll be having a 20th anniversary celebration with soon).

    There's a totally sweet 2000 GSX750F around Brisbane, one lady owner, under 30,000 km, just under 6 grand. And there's a totally sweet ZX9R on the Gold Coast, around 60,000 ks, which might perhaps be had for similar money. Similar rego and roadworthy situations.

    The GSX is probably the sensible choice, and would do what I need... but it just doesn't get the heart fluttering...

  2. I'll aim to ride both - what's holding me up at the moment is not having the money secured, and I don't feel right test riding without that in place.
  3. organise the gold coast ride on Saturday and bring it round to the breakfast at wadies meet... we look it over... oogle BM could fondle it...
  4. The z's a much nicer bike, but that's a lot of k's. if you ride everyday you could be up for a fair bit of money in the first couple of years.

    The Suzi is reliable and competent but the bike really is an older style bike (I'm not talking about styling). These engines are quite crude by modern standards and the running gear is basic.

    I'm sure I've seen zx9's around for similar prices with a little less k's then that.
  5. I got my 9R nice and cheap.

    Seriously though, you know nothing until you ride them. Stop fartin' about daydreamin' and go test ride some bikes. And test ride ones you're not interested in too, you never know what's gonna grab you.
  6. Sir! Yes Sir! (and stewy just gave me the same advice (and credited you) in a PM)

    OK, no more farting, much riding. ;)
  7. But who is going to find Billy in the well, will he ever get out? And will Storm find out that he's actually Becca's father? :p :LOL:

    I'm going to miss your saga once you get your bike!!
  8. mate, bikes are all about the love of the game!

    Practicality is for hyundai drivers! Get the best fun bike you can afford and have a ball.

    I don't buy into it for a minute that people should be into riding for the "economy of it" Bikes are expensive and do require a bit of maintenance. Not to mention insurance, servicing and accessories.

    If you love the raw power of Kawa, you should definately indulge!

    :grin: :cool:

    Whoever goes the SV650, just can't afford the Gixxer.
  9. Go the ZX9R, otherwise you'll regret it & prob end up upgrading later on anyway.
  10. Ride 'em both.

    What year/model ZX-9 is it?
  11. 98 model ZX9R: not sure what the identifying marks are for the B and C, but didn't they change over about that time? I'll aim to ride both of these plus a very nice '97 YZF600 that's available close to me here and maybe an SV if I get a chance. That kinda covers the range of styles and approaches I'm looking at, although a Firestorm and a TRX850 might really fill out the set...
  12. I think the '98 was the C1.
  13. The 98 onwards 9Rs were significantly lighter than the 94-97 B series. It made a big difference I'm led to believe. My B4 model is bloody heavy, doesn't bother me much though because I'm pretty fecken solid meself.
  14. As Gromit can attest, I don't get a lot of change out of a dollar weightwise either... ;-)
  15. Yeah, but a lot of that's the weight of your mullet...

    :p :LOL:
  16. heh, nah, went back to the look sported by my avatar since you last saw me
  17. ZX9 is off the list (bid out of sight at a rate of knots on eBay)

    Current list is a '97 YZF600 and an '00 GSX750F - which I will ride over the next few days

    For a complicated mix of domestic reasons I won't actually be plunking down the dough on anything until next week... but will be giving the bike shops in the area a workout on Saturday
  18. go the thundercat... the THUNDERCAT!!!!

    not that I'm biased or anything :wink:
  19. You riding some bikes, or just taking a camera along for a perve and p0rn collecting? :rofl:

    Have loved your threads mate, I had BADD (bike attention deficit disorder) before I got the Spada too...and...well, the :blah: started in the RVF thread, then I went and rode one. No looking back. Hope you find one that blows your hair back and (just) fits the wallet too :eek: