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Head Stem Bearings (Cbr 250 RR)

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by LiLEd, Feb 5, 2007.

  1. Hey guys i think my head stem bearings a qaaaaaaaaput. Does anyone know how much this will cost to get done at a bike shop? if its too much im going to do it my self. Anyone ever done it?

  2. It's not difficult, providing you have some way of supporting the front end while the forks are off. Also getting them on/off by yourself can be time consuming. Once they are off however, it's just simply punching the old bearings out and putting in new ones (usually with a soft face hammer) and reassembling the front end.

    $300 sounds kinda right.. I'd say 2-3 hrs labour plus parts.
  3. I've done them on an RR. It's easier than on a lot of other bikes because they put this nifty indent in the headstem tube so you cn get a big ol' screwdriver straight in there to knock them out.

    Still a bugger to get the old inner race off the top of the headstem though.

    Do it yourself, it will teach you heaps. Or bring it around to mine when I'm back at home, I'll give you a hand.
  4. $300 at the workshop or $55 just for parts. That's the way it was for my Across, anyway. I ended up getting the shop to pay labour as I only bought the bike 1 month previous to that.
  5. Yep, that's the biatch. Makes it a job beyond the average oil changer.

    Level of difficulty - 4. (changing the water pump on a mini is the only job that gets a 5)
  6. Thanks for the offer loz. Hope your getting better.

    I would do them my self but i would rather pay someone to do it simply cause bearings shit me. Got a quote today from brighton kwaka going to be about $200 including parts so im happy with that. So its booked in.

    If i had a press at home i would do it my self it is not really that hard. However did u guys know that the old bearings are a ball bearing and the new aftermarket kits come with tapered rolla bearingS? Why didnt honda just put them in there in the first place. I would have.

    Thanks guys.
  7. $168 in total. Taper roller bearings. Guys Brighton Kwaka is the place to go!
  8. decent slide hammer makes short work of most bearing races, worked well on teh GTR, and they have a nasty step that the race sits in, making access difficult.
    This isn't a job I'd tackle with limited experience, but you could save some money by removing items off the bike to make the mechanic's job easier.

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. Not if you live in Lilydale it aint :LOL:
  10. Go to almost any bearing manufacturer and you'll be able to buy the same roller-bearings off the shelf at a darn sight cheaper than specified Honda parts. Thats almost definitely what the workshop did, and hence they passed the saving on to you... which was nice of them. :grin:
  11. Actually Koma I believe the Honda wheel and steering head bearings are of proprietary sizes.
  12. Yep i use bearing shops, much cheaper , just remove and they match