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Head shake of disappointment?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Sterny, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. I've been riding for a few months now and i've developed this thing where i automatically shake my head at cagers that do stupid things at my risk. Now...usually the cager will just drive off thinking "what does he know...hes just a stupid bike rider", but today something a bit different happened.

    Riding down a local street i notice a bloke in a 4WD waiting at an intersection to turn right onto my side of the road. About 3 seconds before i pass the intersection he starts to accelerate over the opposite side of the road. This i absolutely hate coz its hard to tell if they're just in a rush or if they havent seen you and are about to cut you off. So i brake hard just in case. Turns out he had seen me and was just trying to get to his destination a whole 3 second earlier by starting his turn earlyjavascript:emoticon(':mad:'), so he stops half way to let me pass. I ride away, and give him the usual head shake of disappointment. Anyway...next set of lights he pulls up next to me in the next lane, rolls down the window, asks whats wrong, and apologizes. I was speechless but happy to know that some cagers are aware of the stupid things they do.

    Anyway, my real question is if and how you let cagers know that they've done something wrong/stupid? is a head shake pretty standard or does that come across as too pedantic for something small and trivial that at the end of the day, was most likely 'risk free'

  2. A stern shake of the head is usually adequate; after you've kicked the door in and smashed the side mirror, that is :LOL:.
  3. I find the 5 step technique the best.

    1. Stare until eye contact
    2. Shake head
    3. Tap helmet in the action of 'what the fcuk where you thinking, do you have brains your brain dead fcuk'
    4. Remove stare.
    5. Accerlate past to a comfortable distance provide a buffer between you and their moronic driving.
  4. Watch out he has turned into a cranky old grandpa now! Time to change your avator.


    Yeah you are right sometimes people don't realise they have done something wrong untill they are told. You dont' know what you don't know!
  5. Never had anyone do anything 'holy crap you deserve to die for that' bad to me, just the normal not seeing and merging into, etc. For which I barely notice, years of inner city sydney traffic commuting teaches you to expect it. I don't get angry when someone cuts me off, I just get happy when someone doesn't cut me off.
  6. heh heh
  7. Heh, that's a good way to put it. I actually like being cut off in a perverse sort of way, it makes the traffic obstacle course that much more interesting. Besides, you can *always* see it coming.
  8. Did he have Victorian plates?
  9. I usually tap my helmet with my index finger, signifying " use your noggin dickhead"
  10. Why, do you know who it was? :LOL:
  11. It might have been me.... :shock:

    Just kidding, just though that, because it's commonplace in Victoria to move out into the intersection. That's not the case in NSW is it?
  12. +1

    Where is the fun in it if there is no risk involved... or am i nuts?
  13. has any of you like stoped next to a car at the lights with their window down and then jus yelled or scream then take off on green?
  14. Change your nick again grobby? :p

    If somebody unintentionally does something wrong I usually let it slide, perhaps a beep after the incident to let them know they fcuked up.

    But when somebody does something intentional with the potential to cause harm I tend to get a little bit would up. Like the P plate chick that slowly merged into my lane at 100kmhr whilst looking directly at me... waiting for me to get out of her way. I stood up cocked my left leg at let her know I was lining up her window. I wasn't going to follow through with my actions, but I knew it was going to scare her enough to get her back into her own lane. A raised fist aimed at the drivers window is apparently also effective. My other favorite is the single finger 10k rpm rolling salute.
  15. give em a questioned upside down hand. if they give a sorry wave the thumb is up. if they are just being an as$hole then dependant on mood the reaction will vary ( finger - death threat ). most people dont mean to cause these problems.
  16. I usually get a good response from nodding my head they usually give me a wave ot something had one guy though who started swearing at me and swirved his car to hit me, which it did a little bit on leg but i got out of it. Needless to say he got his mirror taken off as i dropped back then up very quick, and he lost his left mirror as well as a guy on a ZX6 saw and came up his other side which i loved.
  17. I opened this thread expecting to hear about faulty Hyosung headstck bearings!
  18. I find gunfire a satisfactory indication of my displeasure :)
  19. Did that really happen, or did you just see it on today tonight.
  20. Sounds more like a Fred gassit plot :LOL: