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Head over heart?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by mav, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. Which way would you go?

    An older, aggressive engined, all-rounder, that your heart wants


    a less threatening but modern, smooth, all-rounder, that your head says is more sensible

    So basically, do you prefer to be spanked by Angelina every night, or get a neck rub from Delta?
  2. Spank me...and I speak from experience lol
    Do you want to go from A to B or ride ???
    The reason Honda's shit me so much is that they do it all so well they bored the crap out of me and I have to ring their necks to get any enjoyment out of them.
    So good is bad
  3. I went with both. An old 750 Katana - and a modern, sensible 250.

    It's like watching Angelina spank Delta while she rubs.....er never mind. That's straying off topic. Suffice to say, I'm happy :)
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  4. ^^I LOLd.
  5. modern bikes are pretty impressive. your modern all rounder might perform better than an older sport bike.
  6. Are we still talking bikes here or what? And what was the OP's question again?
  7. I've struggled with this question for 35 years and I've been in both camps.

    I used to buy a sensible bike (get bored and sell it) then I'd buy a bike with 'character (get annoyed with reliability, parts availability, lack of practicality and sell it).

    Now days I keep a boring, sensible commuter/all rounder and a weekend/sunny days fun bike.
  8. Test ride!?
  9. Bet you wish you could find a pic for that one jd...:cheeky:
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  10. You can have it all, you really can. But it'll cost.
  11. I had something to say, but then I read jd's reply and now I'm distracted.

    EDIT: Oh yeah, go with Angelina. Sensible is dull, and Delta's a bit of a mole to be honest.
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  12. :D So in other words, have both a gentle wife and a hot mistress!
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  13. What was the question
    Lol jd
  14. buy a toy...not a vehicle - you ride to enjoy it not to "just get by"
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  15. I think I made a mistake buying the XVS1300 Tourer, its with the windshield and bags here in the states, I'm 55 and I just would have thought what I really wanted should be something like the FJR1300 or a beemer. More sport and more touring. Instead i have a cruiser that is a wannabe tourer, its not a bad bike though, best bike for the money.

    But I plan on hitting Oz in a couple of years and I want to just tour the nation from coast to coast and I will have to get a ride there, may be the FJR1300 then.
  16. dont know of many "impressive" 600 - 700 allrounders that will perform better than an FZ1S
  17. and here's the key... your Angelina bike is a relatively modern jap bike.... not a 25 year old ducati. Just get it... it'll make you smile but won't cry headache or fly the red flag too often..... if you were comparing a new 600 to something that might give you trouble its a whole seperate debate.
  18. thats a relative point of view

    more than 10years is old to some, but not all
  19. sure... but it's still relatively japanese and not ...say... italian.

    bikes have come a long way in the last 10 years, particularly there was a massive jump in the 600-700cc range for performance so you MAY find that a new bike in that range can match an FZ1, but what i was getting at was you didn't give us specific bikes you were thinking about (unless i missed it) so theres a whole range of arguments that might apply if you were considering ,say, and old ducati or Laverda etc. that don't really apply to a 10 year old jap bike if it's been maintained..... you're right, age issues and any issues are relative and personal, but personally i wouldn't let them get in the way if your looking at an FZ1.... they should be pretty trouble free