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Head on collision, hit head pretty hard

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by boy.racer, Jun 11, 2010.

  1. Coming out of the lift at work, it's all good the long weekend's upon me, then bang!
    Smashed head on into the mailroom guy.

    Luckily I had put my helmet on in the lift, so I was unharmed.


  2. How was the poor mailroom guy?

    But still glad to hear you got out of it in one piece. Just be wary of the flash backs when stepping in a lift. It could last for a few weeks.
  3. We exchanged details, but I still contend that I had right of way coming out of the lift, so I'm not paying repair costs, specially not on a vintage.
  4. Yeah that shits me. Those impatient people who want to barge into a lift without letting people disembark. Don't they realise that things move smoother if they let it empty first? If they pile in then they have to wait while people then have to push past and find a way out. Make sure you don't pay for anything. And make sure your insurance company don't try to hit you for excess, since you were obviously in the right.
  5. Crap. You should always look both ways before proceeding - even if you do think you have right-of-way.

    Danger minimisation, doods!

  6. sounds like everyday at the train station.
  7. Mail guy sounds like a tool.

  8. Harold Scruby's fax machine just cancelled it's plans for the weekend. it's got WORK TO DO
  9. It's obvious that this accident was caused by speed.

    I would suggest you contact the Monash University Accident Research Centre. They'll send a qualified researcher out who will investigate the accident and make recommendations on how to avoid/eliminate this growing senseless risk to life and limb.

    They'll probably recommend increased training, lower capacity lifts for newbies, increased TV advertising promoting safety, increased protective gear, more safety signage at the scene with possibly a signal controlled intersection, wire rope barriers to prevent contact and taking things slower.

    The police will read the report. Look at all the recommendations, decide that speed was the cause and only logical measure (read cost efffective) that can be taken to prevent further carnage.

    They'll place a camoflaged speed camera in a cardboard box opposite the lift and fine you and take points off you. Once you get 12 demerit points you'll have to use the stairs.
  10. Why am I picturing you as the Stig? Walking into the guy... looking curious for a second while he's on his arse surrounded by envelopes... then just wandering off.
  11. Weeks of paperwork for you if he decides to get workcover involved.

    The management's solution will be, of course, mandatory elevator use training as part of your building induction.
  12. I don't see what some of you people have against mandatory training. Not all people have a natural instinct when it comes to elevators and as far as I am concerned everyone can learn at least something from a well-run course.

    Of course if the speed of the elevators as well as egress to them is controlled, that will clearly solve all problems, at the same time causing people to be late for work.

  13. heh heh


    heh heh
  14. I'm now convinced, you're a goose.=D>
  15. Should have punched his mirror.... by mirror I mean kidney
  16. I'm thinking I should report this to the police cos he looked drunk...but I don't have any witnessess, and I can't afford to pay for neg walking...do the police charge you with neg if you can still walk from the scene?
  17. Don't worry - if they're from the mailroom there's an automatic assumption of guilt.
  18. Glad to see you have a sense of humor, :beer:
  19. Nice. :cool:
  20. #20 Day, Jun 12, 2010
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    I had visions of one of these Bins out the front of the lift and as you stepped out a little radar gun would rise out the top.