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Head light bulbs for cbr250rr

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by redliner, Jan 30, 2006.

  1. Hi guys,

    Just wondering what type of light bulbs do the cbr250rr take? if anyone knows that is... for example, cars are 12V6055W or something like that, are bikes the same or different?

    If they're different, what type do i need?

  2. Manual recomends 12V 60/55W
  3. oh okay...thanks...

    The bulb that blew on me is 12V 60/35W...and was looking around for a replacement, but didn't find any...

    so i wasn't sure what to get...
  4. There was another thread on this - 60/35W is the Japanese standard, 60/55W is the Australian standard (and technically required for roadworthy).
  5. Yeah, i read up on that...thanks jd...

    I found that the socket for the bulbs on my bike doesn't fit the H4 bulbs found in the shops...

    The two smaller mounting tabs on the original bulbs are wider apart as opposed to the ones i bought from the shop...Therefore doesn't fit properly...I have a import CBR250RR...is that the problem? or is the bike supposed to be like that?

    Is it better for me to modify the bulbs by cutting one of the smaller mounting tabs off to fit it, or would buying one that fits a better options? if i can find them that is...

    Thanks in advance...
  6. Any Honda dealer will have the bulbs... just tell them they are for your CBR250RR MPE import...
  7. Break the tab off unless ya wanna pay about 50 bucks a globe mate. They will fit.

  8. Get the right bulbs with the correct wattage, CBR's aren't made to handle much over 60/35. If you get higher wattage bulbs you can damage the regulator and melt the wires in the switchgear, as it happened on my bike. I had to replace the regulator (170$) and resolder the switchgear!!!
  9. If you run 60/55 (much cheaper bulbs than 60/35) you should modify the relay so that it can handle these higher loads, or you'll always be frying the wiring or reg/rec when on low beam (99% of the time!). Article below shows how to do it on a vfr, but it'll be very similar to the cbr. Pretty easy to do, give it a go.

  10. As I've mentioned before they should be modified to meet compliance regs. Clearly some importers must be taking the more dodgy option of slipping a 60/55 globe in for rego, then putting the 60/35 back in when they sell it. (I think we all know who that might be :wink:).
  11. I reckon that most importers would do just that, only because they wouldn't know any better. After all, when was the last time you heard of any importers actually knowing anything about bikes!? :LOL:
  12. the original is an H6. As has been said before, the elec. contacts are the same for the standard aussie H4, just file or bend the mounting tangs to get it to fit.