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Head checks

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by stokedpaz, May 13, 2012.

  1. I don't see a lot of riders perform head checks. It is made clear to us that head checks are vital safety precautions and you can fail your P's test for leaving them out.

    In a real world situation it can get a lot worse than failing a test, I would hate for something bad to happen to a rider for forgetting to do a head check.

    I have a question that has been puzzling me.
    When you have made your way to the front in a safe and legal manner, do you head check when the light turns green and then roll on? What if the car behind you starts to drive whilst you are checking? I'm not sure how to stay safe at the front of the line at the lights.
  2. Head check at the light? If you are going straight why do you need to head check? At the light I just keep my eyes on the mirrors to see if the guy behind going to jump the gun and rear end me and for any riders splitting behind.
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  3. What if someone runs a red at an intersection?
  4. What if someone behind you runs the red light you're stopping for and cleans you up?
  5. So you are talking about check for red light runners. I thought you meant head check as in head checking when making a lane change. Well as I accelerate I just quickly glance at the intersection I'm crossing. It only take like 0.5 a second so by the time I am in the intersection I have already finish checking.
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  6. what if a jet engine falls out of the sky and kills you in your sleep??
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  7. That would be bad!
  8. Do you think it would be worth a head check above you?
  9. I usually stop in the middle when I filter, not in front of cars. When lights go green I look right as I take off, then left.
  10. For me it depends on the intersection. Sometimes the traffic is already stopped before I get to go. Other times, I have a quick look about after my light turns green, but not every time.

    Either way, I wouldnt really call it a head check. I'd call a head check something I do before changing lanes. But will happly stand corrected if needs be.
  11. In the Ps test you must head check before moving off the mark. I figured you must have to do this everytime before rolling on. Not just for changing lanes?

    Springs I think you could be right though.

    Deadsy have you ever had both cars try to move off just before the green, you know how some drivers see the other light go red and start to roll before they get the green. I can't imagine that would be a good situation if you didn't hear/see them.
  12. It's as though some people can't use peripheral vision. Or scan as they travel.
  13. I'm getting used to that. I used to scan a lot of groceries when I worked at Woolies.
  14. well sure, but if you see a one eyed bunny...
  15. poke it in the other eye and run?
  16. When you leave any light, or enter a roundabout, intersection etc always look left and right and obviously straight ahead for idiots not stopping or running reds, and when at the lights look in your mirrors constantly.. and have a squiz next to you.

    it only takes a second.. you should be scanning your mirrors constantly anyway, its called situational awareness.
  17. and constantly looking downish to scan road surface. this is all getting a bit too much.
  18. Ye i always check other riders heads to see if they are going to nod at me, no one nods anymore, might have to make a new thread on it
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  19. When I was at primary school, we used to get head checks for lice sometimes...
  20. Treat it like when you have too much coffee...