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Head checks on a sports bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kurtis_Strange, Nov 16, 2005.

  1. Well I've now swung over to the gixxer camp and am eyeing up a GSXR600, 01 model to get the fuel injection...

    It might sound a bit insane for a first road bike, but I'm looking for something to 'grow in to' and I'm pretty set on a sports bike.

    The thing I like about this model is its very light as I'm not a big guy, and you can get the 01 model for around $9k

    Hornet just mentioned an issue I'd never even thought of though, doing head checks and generally eye sight manouverability around town.

    Does anyone own this model? or can you give your thoughts on general vision on a sports bike?
  2. I don't believe it would be as easy to do a head check on a sportsbike when compared to a more upright or naked bike. Having said that it can still be done.
    The other query would be how you were going to use your bike mostly. Commute, tour, track, etc. It is said that you can tour on a sports bike more than you can sport on a touring bike. :)
  3. Lol, you change your mind every two seconds! It was Z750s and tt600s last night!!

    I missed what hornet said so im unsure exactly what you mean... But from my experience vision on a sportsbike via mirrors is pretty average(some far worse than others, never ridden the 01 gixxer600 though)
  4. I don't understand how a headcheck could be hard on a sportsbike, you don't have to have your head spinning around like your possessed just turn your head enough to peek over your shoulder, thats all i do. :l
  5. Yeah its no drama on my bike... no different to doin a head check on me old zzr or me old mans xjr1300 in my eyes, just a quick peak over the shoulder...
  6. yeah its getting a bit ridiculous isn't it?

    The more I look the more I'm finding that the line is VERY competitive between the 600's

    Basically I want a sports bike period, I just like the look of them. I want a bike I can commute on (most of the time), I have the option of catching the train also. And a bike which I can blat out to the blue mountains on for the day, or down to Illawara, or nothern beaches etc

    So I'm reading up like mad on reviews etc and this is what I've discovered...

    I'd like a Honda, but the models I want are out of my price range 01 and up

    I really like the look of the GSXR600 and its affordable, but its more of a track bike. The dials don't look that flash though?

    The Yamaha R6 01 model is also affordable but seems a bit more exe, it looks great and I've read its more comfortable as the riding position is not as extreme as the GSX. Not sure on the performance though.

    So yeah just shopping around, I won't have cash until next weekend so I'm just trying to get an idea
  7. oh yeah and the R6 is caburettor, the GSX is injected...dunno if thats a big issue
  8. Thats the way dude, examine all your options the best you can... Make sure you get what you really want, plus its just good fun readin up on bikes...

    I was the same when i was lookin, changed me mind every two seconds. They are all great bikes and provided you get somethin in good order i think its pretty hard to go wrong whatver your decision is...

    Goodluck anyways... sure ill hear of your final decision :)
  9. Dont stress mate . Heads checks are fine on sport bikes.
  10. the gsx600 looks great!

    i've been dreaming of my next upgrade, a very long way away, still i keep changing my mind also. monster 620, supermotard, sv650, supersport 600s, duke 749.... in the end i guess it'll just be $/test rides which decide
  11. I must say that the Z750 get's my vote thus far, it's black, it looks like a bike should look, it has extra cubes and a better more hoon worthy riding position.
  12. oh yeah forgot to add the z750 to my list. its probably one of the top 3 for me.....so many choices....."sigh"
  13. The gixxer isnt to bad with the head check alot better than my old ZXR250.

    The injected model actually came in the end of 2000 which is still the K1 model.

    Awesome bike i love it and it has plenty of power. Produces about 115hp.
  14. also whats wrong with the dials on the gixxer??? It looks alot better than the R6 of the same year in my opinion

    There is a review on http://www.mcnews.com.au/

    have a read.

    If i had the moneyl i would have bought an '04 CBR but it was a little out of my price range and didnt want to go back to a carby bike so that ruled out the R6. So the GSXR it was.
  15. yes its an awesome looking bike. can't say I like the dials on it though....

    I've been checking out the R6 and they both look pretty much the same in terms of performance, I like the look of both but am finding some very nice deals on the R6....
  16. only thing that put me off the R6 was its carby and i really wanted an injected bike.
  17. this bike is missing the original decals, eg Rg on the tail and yamaha on the bottom...

    Would you be suss on this?

  18. A little suss, but until you acually see in person you really cant judge.

    Whats your budget??
  19. yeah I was looking at that, I notice the R6 has finally gone injected so its obviously the go.

    do you think it makes much difference in performance from a beginner level?
  20. i think the R6 is injected from '03 onwards.

    Performance wise it isnt much difference about 10 - 15 hp, but you dont have to worry about tuning carbys and being hard to start on cold morning etc.