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Head Check So Important

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by wizz9, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    Was going along Great Nrth Rd Five Dock and needed to turn left. I was doing about 50 (I think thats the local limit) Anyway look in the mirrors and see this black Skyline type behind me.

    I indicate to go left and LUCKILY did my head check to see this idiot passing me on the left. Had I not have done the head check, I'd be lying on the road for sure.

    This genius then sticks his arm out the window in abuse. Pathetic fool, wish there was a cop around.

  2. he didnt pass you on the left

    he was filtering :)
  3. Ha too funny

    Head checks are important though for drivers and riders alike. Not that I've done it often but whenever someone says they don't have a blind spot because they've got curved mirrors etc. I can always find somewhere to stand demonstrate there is one.
  4. Awesome wizz, did you keep going?
  5. Totally agree.

    How many people forget about the blind spots to side and front of a vehicle created by the mirrors themsleves (obviously depends and the size of mirror) and the pillars.

    I was watching a show on TV sometime last year and a safety expert compared a Kingswood and a current model Commodore. From a vision point of view the Kingwood is safer because the pillars didn't restrict vision as much and there were less driver distractions inside the vehicle.
  6. Yes Nitekeeper, I was real close to where I was going.

    The one thing that shits me so much id tail gaters. But I cannot figure why this dope decides to pass on the left when he sees I have a blinker on and am merging left, especially as he was originally behind me.

    I did give him a spray, but he wouldnt have heard, but felt good anyways.
  7. Turn signals working?
  8. I think we all say things that would make our mummies cry sometimes, inside the helmet...
    You saw him and avoided his stupidity though, so kudos to you!
  9. Bet you they weren't on and he just threw it left in front of a car.
  10. The VE Commodore has a shockingly fat pillar. I had a VE SSV ute up until about a month ago and you literally have to move your head forward/back, left/right to look around the pillar to be 100% positive there is nothing hiding from view.

    You get used to it over time but it's by far the fattest pillar I've come across to date.
  11. you never met Goz I assume ?
  12. Absolutely. I had the left blinker on, no risk and checked them when I got home. So yeah I have no doubt.

  13. 'Swhy, in UK rider training it's called a Lifesaver. Because it is.

    Fat pillars are mostly a result of efforts to improve frontal impact crash protection. I've come across a few shockers in recent years. Being reasonably tall doesn't help as it puts my eyes close to the top of the pillar, so the blind spot becomes very wide indeed.
  14. Ha,ha,ha!!!!... That just made me snort on the train....:p
  15. ... I drive a Tucson and have on ocassion "lost" cars at roundabouts or turns at certain angles.

    1st time it happened i was in shock... Like "Feck"..... how come I didnt see that!!... The pillars seem to be angled to block certain views!!:-s

    The 2 pillars in the Tucson each have air bags in them, which may be why they are thicker!
  16. Skyline ?? Enough said. Warning, warning !
    Anyone driving a Skyline is probably off his face on Ice or whatever or doing a drug deal on his mobile whilst adjusting his fluffy dice or turning up the volume on his doomph doomph Supercheap stereo.
  17. Umm... If you were doing a lh turn how come there was so much room between you and the gutter that the nob thought he could pass you?

    Not having a go at you, just trying picture the situation.
  18. he was merging into the left lane so he could turn left.

    As the Ham says, Skyline = warning. Good job on avoiding them and staying upright.
  19. Another ****ing lebo on his way to do laps around Norton Street...but the cops aren't there cause they are camping the City-West Link for revenue

    grats on avoiding an accident

    makes me wanna wear a shotgun sling like in Terminator, blow his supercheap rims to pieces...
  20. If he was merging, or changing lanes (ie crossing a marked line on the road) then legally he should have given way to the Skyline if it was that close - so no wonder they were pissed off.

    It's only when you need to "form one lane", without a marked dividing line, that vehicles need to give way to anything further ahead of them.