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Head caskets leaking....... dame

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by GreenNinja, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. just fixed my cam chain and then found out my head caskets leaking (a month after).

    Got quoted for 600 bucks with a carby tune, good price?

    The costs are mounting up.
  2. It's GASKET, ya clown.

    They can be a lot more expensive than that too, your bike mustn't need to have the engine out to get at the head. Get it done asap - it roots your cooling system and can cause the head to warp under extreme heat.
  3. Haha head casket... Perhaps you didn't bury it properly.

    Seriously though, you may need to look into why the head gasket is leaking. May be that they didn't install the gasket properly, or it was damaged somehow. Perhaps the head bolts need to be re-torqued, or you may have a warped head, in chich case it will need to be shaved to make it within tolerances again. Make sure you get this checked, you can do this with a proven straight edge and feeler guages (if I remember right). Service manual should have tolerances.

    But make sure if you take it to the mech to get the gasket fixed. If they're pulling the head, make sure they check it. Might just cause you bigger problems down the road.
  4. I agree, get i done asap or the amounts will continue to mount up and you will be selling the bike for parts.
  5. I'm asian.... come on give me a break! LoL

    So you reckon when they chaged the cam chain they didn't put it back properly? or screwed up somewhere.
  6. Possibly didnt seal the gasket properly. Take it back and question them, but find the leak first. And for being asian, you guys are usually better et the fiddly technical stuff than us :wink:
  7. If they have changed the cam chain the leak is coming from the

    Rocker Cover Gasket

    which would result in an oil leak

    If they removed the head the and re ground the valves and then re installed it the leak would be coming from the

    Head Gasket

    which would result in an coolant and oil leak

    You choose
  8. It was leaking from the rocker cover, then I brought it back and it was still leaking later on and that's when i recieved the bad news (leaking head gasket).
  9. Leaking head gasked and rocker cover are clearly two different things. On a naked bike (I love nakeds) it's easier to tell. Under a fairing it could be coming from the breather hose, rocker cover gasket or the head gasket adn to be honest you may not be able to see which one.

    A thorough degrease and a short ride should show it up better.

    If they've taken the rocker cover off to replace a cam chain its most likely just that. There's no need to remove a head to replace camchain so they shouldnt have touched that.

    If the head gasket is gone, agree... replace it asap, before oil leaks coolant leak, head warping etc.

    $600 is probably about the going rate these days. If you can take off side panels and stuff yourself to save them some time (and you some money) then that may be worth doing, but it would depend on how you get on with your mechanic. It'll also make cleaning and diagnosing the problem much easier.

    Although there is an attitude amongst many mechanics to charge extra if someone else has already started playing with it first...... :D
  10. Thanks for your advice guyz, much apriciated :grin:

    Can a dirty carby (not extremely) or leaking head gasket cause your bike to over heat, complete loss power and shut down the engine? and sometimes trouble starting it up?
  11. yes.
    the coolant enters combustion chamber, blowing out the exhaust causing loss of coolant then overheating. residual moisture in the combustion chamber would then make it misfire, or not start at all.
    the list goes on, but you have described a blown head gasket
  12. +1 you're the pricks that make things hard with your nimble little hands... (thinks back to replacing a head on a mighty boy :evil: )
  13. My glove size is small, but they are fat and wide.... :oops:
  14. I went and sort a 2nd opion at another store and he said that it wasn't a head gasket. Its most likely to be the rocker cover and due to the heat it may have warped it.

    I've come back and seen this guys 2 or 3 times about this oil leak, AND COULD IT BE THAT HE COULDN'T FIX THE PROBLEM thats why his saying this is a head gasket or whatever thats leaking (when in fact it's the same problem)?

    he also replaced the seal on the rocker cover.

    The store that i brought it to said that he doesnt repair old bikes like mine due to its age and its parts are hard to find.

    I'll sort ur guyz opion and bring it elsewhere aswell and should i confront the mechanic that did the cam repairs?
  15. Mate, I'd have a go at replacing the gasket yourself! This is why I don't take anything I own to a mechanics, full of bullshit and always covering their own asses with lies.
    A gasket wil cost you maybe $30, all you need then is some appropriate spanners, some solvent to degrease everything, a dab or two of silicone sealant and some contact cement to hold the gasket in place whilst installing.
    Be sure to get new rubber half moon plugs for the ends of the cams too.

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. Yeah me and friend is goin to have a look at it, he knows alot more about bikes then me.

    And we'll probally give it a carby clean aswell, hopefully all goes well and let's see if we can find where the oil leak is.
  17. What does your oil look like?


    How about your coolant?


    Those are the clearest signs (along with overheating) of a cracked or blown head gasket, if its just leaking straight oil, then its pbly rocker cover.

    If your engine is heavily putting for a bit, then its also pbly your head gasket.

    Change them yourself, it isnt that hard, just make sure you DONT get any metal filings or bits of dirt or rock in your cylinders (if its a head gasket).

    Also check your exhaust gaskets as well, sometimes these leak and because the engines are so small makes it look like weeping other gaskets.
  18. Hmmm, in my experience, I've never seen lumpy coolant or oil related to a blown head gasket. The oil pump does a great job of turning teh coolant and oil into an emulsion.......

    Regards, Andrew.
  19. the coolant level pretty much is the same there is no lose from the reservoir ( apart from me overfilling it).

    The oil drops on the ground doesn't look lumpy at all, it's abit brown but that might just be from the contact it made with the exhaust manifold.

    There is no overheating on this bike.

    Also if it is a cracked gasket, and there is leaked oil on the ground does it clearly show that there is coolant mixed with it aswell?
  20. We decreased the whole bike and found out where the oil leak is.

    The mechanic wasn't BSing to me, it's leaking where the exhuast manifold is, but it's not exiting through the exhuast but rather where the engine block and manifold meet (just above it).

    It's leaking in the side chamber (towards the manifold) and not where the coolant is (bottom of engine block), if you understand what i'm saying.

    So on monday my friends friend his got the tools plus his a MC mechanic aswell, so we'll take the engine apart and he'll fix the gasket leak (hopefully).