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Head bearings; Hornet

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by mattb, Dec 16, 2009.

  1. I damaged the steering head bearings on my '98 Hornet 600 a month back, and a few thousand kms later it's getting bad enough that I'm impatient to fix it. I'll get some tapered bearings and will do it while I'm up at Nyah for a week over Christmas. Will take my basic toolbox, including screwed screw-drivers to knock the bearings out with. Now, I've never done this before - are the bearings all I need to buy? Should such basic tools be enough for the job?

    Anybody know what normal shop prices are to do this?


  2. Hmm... Headstem bearings means:

    - brakes off
    - guard off
    - wheel off
    - forks out
    - undo steering head (usually requires weird socket, or the trusty old hammer and drift method)
    - triple clamps out
    - get the f*cking bastard old bearing race off the stem and the other one out of the headstem tube
    - grease new bearings
    - tap new bearings in using old bearing race as a guide
    - tension, loosen, re-tension steering head
    - reassemble bike

    So you're gonna need all the appropriate tools for each step of the job. Check to see how your front wheel comes off. Check that you've got a jack. Make sure you've got grease. Check what your steering stem nut is and make sure you can undo that. You'll also need hammers and drifts, particularly to get the old bearing race off the headstem tube, which is often a cunnuvajob.

    If you reckon you're up for all that, go nanas. :)
  3. Nothing you can do will help with Hornet's head bearings. He's been all over the place for years....Oh, sorry, you mean your BIKE!!! :)