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Head and Heart and LAMS

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by spacejazz, Mar 29, 2013.

  1. Hey folks

    Looking at a few questions regarding following the head or the heart in choosing a bike it's apparent (and rightly so) to follow your heart. Riding is a passion after all. Our roads aren't (quite) congested enough to make it a necessity.

    The dilemma presents itself for me due to LAMS. I love the CB400 and even the XJR400 they're also a little more than I would like to spend at this point. Due to LAMS, logic is telling me to save a few bucks and look at the GS500.

    I don't quite know what to do. They're both comfortable enough, and I fit just fine. I haven't ridden either however.

    I'm not saying any opinions here will sway me, I'm just looking for some feedback and who knows... :)

    Cheers. And have a great Easter break. On your bikes... you bastards ;)
  2. Ride both, buy the one that does it for ya.

    CB400 will be higher priced but keep value longer. GS500 cheaper to allow you to put some $$ towards an upgrade
  3. Get what's cheapest and save as many penny's as possible for your upgrade when you get you full license and remember, you DON'T have to upgrade straight away, which is what my head tells me but my missus tells me otherwise!!
  4. CB400....GS500. Different bikes including 5 degree more lean angle on GS. Best thing to do imo is set your budget then go ride a few if you can.
  5. Test ride, then test ride another one, then test ride a few more!! I test rode 4 different VTR250's before the one I bought.
  6. Hey fellas.

    Thanks for the advice and such. I'm at a point now where as much as I'd like a CB400 I'm a bee's dick from dismissing it. They're so damn expensive. I'm not saying they are not worth it but when you see Hornet 900's for 7 - 8k with less than 20k km's it's hard to swallow.

    I had a SMIDSY about 3 years ago. I was a pedestrian though :/ I was out of action for over a year and am only just starting to lose weight now I'm back full time at work. I'm 95kg at present and should settle around 85. Looking at a 250 Hornet now, just because they're fairly cheap and look like a hoot to ride. Am I too heavy? Back to the GS500 perhaps?

    Freakin' LAMs bike prices are a bit of a rort.


  7. A Friend had a GS500 before upgrading. Was ok for a learners bike, but you can see plain as day the difference between the GS500 and the CB400. The level of equipment and finish on the CB400 is alot higher, thus justifying the increased price.

    I dont regret buying my CB400. Theres a few for sale online second hand with hardly any km on them.
  8. GPX's are a pretty cheap alternative.
    I'm anywhere between 90kg and 94kg, and it hauls my fat a## ok.
  9. How much is your budget?
  10. I weigh a bit less than that but I've had my 250 loaded up with camping gear etc for a two week trip and the performance was fine even with the added weight. It's the wind resistance that kills you at high speeds (acceleration drops off dramatically over 110 km/h which makes overtaking a bit of a mission) while at lower speeds you're faster than non-sporty cars. The suspension on my VTR is a bit budget (a bit bouncey going over bumps) but from what I've heard the GS500 isn't any better.

    I ended up dismissing the CB400 because I couldn't stomach spending more than $5k on a LAMS bike. Never even ended up test riding one but I still get mildly envious when I see one go past ... just not enough to make me wish I'd spent the extra.
  11. Get a Ducati Monster 600 and scare the crap out of all the little kiddies. Never served me wrong :)
  12. Don't forget, there's a lot more than plunking money down for a bike. Like transfer,rego, insurance, any major service in the immediate future, oil and lube.

    And don't forget your personal safety gear.

    Then you have to consider if you want some form of bike protection and luggage carrying capacity.

    I have already spent 30% of my bikes value on the some of the above and still don't have all the basic things I think I need.

    There's a good thread on netrider about people's budget. I highly recommend reading it. I certainly wish I paid closer attention to it.
  13. As previous posters have said, allow some for reasonable and serviceable gear. Places like AMX and Bikers Gear have plenty to choose from without the extra stealer latest and greatest taxes.

    Start with the LAMS list http://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/Home...cences/Approvedmotorcyclesfornoviceriders.htm and work your way through it knowing that you will in all probability ditch the LAMS bike after your time is up and move to a better bike.

    I have to wonder why your not adding Kawasaki's ER-5/6 and Ninja 650 to your list. Especially ER-5/6 as they have been around for a good few years so well preserved older examples should be findable.

    In your situation, I would short list GS500, ER-5/6, Ninja 650, Yamaha XJ6, SV650, Hyodung 650 ( newer models only ) rather than obscessing about an underdone overpriced Honda.
  14. Go for the CB400 - I bought new, if I had my time over again I would got one second hand, instead I have now just listed mine on bikesales and having to stomach a 25% loss over 1.5 years.

    Like they say, the biggest accident happens on the showroom floor.
  15. If it's your first bike then there are 2 options.

    Ride everything you can, buy the one you like the most.


    Buy a really cheap (less than $3000) piece of shit. The money you saved can be used on extra training/better riding gear/petrol.

    If it's not your first bike then

    Ride everything you can and buy the one you like most.
  16. #16 spacejazz, Apr 5, 2013
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2013
    Hey guys.

    Your feedback and advice has been really helpful and its greatly appreciated.

    One look at the CB400 shows it to be a quality bike. As much as I would like to own one, I really can't take the budget that high. As Mike rightly points out, there is also gear, insurance and depending on where I purchase, transfer fee's. (got this gear so far: Xtreme Softer look jacket and Dainese Red gates from AMX and a Bell RS-1 from Evolution),

    Also to Mike, those bikes were checked out but sadly they're over budget. I want to spend no more than 6k on the bike. So I'm down to a 250 Hornet or this puppy: http://www.bikesales.com.au/dealer/details/yamaha-xjr400-2000-14074141?__D=xjr400&__Ntt=xjr400&__Qpb=1&__Dx=mode matchany&__Ns=p_IsPoa_Int32|0||p_RankSort_Int32|1||p_HasPhotos_Int32|1||p_Make_String|0||p_Model_String|0||p_YearMade_Int32|1||p_PriceSort_Decimal|1||p_PhotoCount_Int32|1&SearchAction=N&__N=1432 604 1430 1429 1626 1428 1486 82 1480&__Ntx=mode matchallpartial&__Ntk=BikeAll&__Nne=15&__sid=13DB8BD45798

    It's an import though so I'm a bit wary of parts. In saying that, I'm pretty smitten with it too.

    Anyway, I'm getting there ;)

    Cheers fellas

  17. Get a gs over that grey xjr ora bandit for that matter. $6k will get a good gs.

    I am not a fan as they are too heavy but if you don want a 250 the gs is the best choice