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He Saw Me OK

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by RobE, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. South Gippsland Highway heading to Cranbourne. Evening traffic is crawling. Us sensible commuters who ride are taking advantage of the white line.

    Business man in a BMW sees me coming and deliberately narrows the space between cars.

    Slip passed and shake my head. The poor fellow obviously has personal issues and an identity problem. :nopity:
  2. should have ripped his mirror off.... I'm sick of the stupidity of some drivers..

    I know its not justified but it needs to be done
  3. my mum turns her wheel the other way and tries to make more room for the bikes haha

    I have seen that happen a couple of times, but usually in my car.
  4. Daily stuff i guess.

    Just trudge through, hold line with the vehicle and rev the tits off the bike to scare them.
    Works most of the time.

    Yeah get some good drivers that do the opposite and make room for you.

    Don't know about the ones that fully swerve out of the way like you are going in for a kill. Kinda makes me feel guilty for going past them. Didn't intend to inflict that much terror.
  5. on some days I feel just doing that but they would catch your plate number and you'd be so gone. Although in saying that I had numerous times had that happen to me on my scooter they squeeze up as hard as they can but what they didn't know I was on my scooter I can turn 90 deg on a dime and simple go on the other side of them where there is plenty of room haha and then chop back in front of them into the right hand side again.
  6. I certainly get a lot more people giving me space when filtering than delibrately trying to squeeze me out in Sydney. I dunno if its just because despite what everyone says, most people are actually nice, or that they don't want you scratching their car.
  7. I love just going up behind them, & then going around the other side :rofl:

    Not as obvious as smashing the mirror off, but I like to think it gets the point across.
  8. As mentioned above, I increase RPMs and by golly, if they don't get sh*t-scared and move over then my name really isn't...Nick ;)
    Most, I find, will move over at the sight of a black sportsbike, accompanied by a fierce, mean mofo in black leathers and dark helmet/black visor and the sound of a hungry lion (twin akras) ;)
    RobE, I know what you mean mate..and it is very frustrating to see these selfish/idiotic d*ckheads do such things....too bad he can't move around traffic so let me see 'let me screw someone else'.... f***wits !
  9. A relative of mine was "that sort" of person, when i was younger i remember him caging in cyclists on the left, and similar.

    Later in life I pushed him in the swimming pool fully clothed.

    He is a nicer person these days.
  10. I seriously can't understand why people do this. Do they really take satisfaction in the fact that they're pissing off bikers who are just going about their business like everybody else? I don't get it, this seriously pisses me off and if I were riding and knew for fact I could rip his mirror off without causing myself any undue risk, then I'd seriously do it. I doubt he'll get the rego in time and it'll teach him not to **** with us.

    You, my friend, deserve a medal. And a thumbs up. :)
  11. I find more people move out of the way to give me room than move in to close the gap. I always give them a wave of thanks.

    Most of the time they move in to close the gap I suspect they don't even know you are there and are just moving about in their lane.

    But some have the definite mind set that if they aren't moving, no one else should be moving either.
  12. Yea people tend to try and get out of the way when I lane-split in my Landcruiser as well, I don't know why?
  13. i've only had 1 try closing the gap, i went round the other side and kept going. not sure he even knew i was there, old guy, somethin wannabe-euro. didn't put me off even a little bit. i get heaps moving to make more room for me, had a ute driver a few days back pull his big-ass mirror in so i could get into the slip lane he was blocking
  14. Never had a driver do this to me, but I have seen a few pull their arms in or move the vehicle over to make room.
  15. Small penis syndrome. They cant handle the fact that they are stuck in the traffic whilst you are moving foward. Mind you, I filtered up near the front recently but could not manage to get all the way, slipped in between a car and young lady did not want me there. She tried oh so hard to get around, and when I got into open space on freeway I just jumped on it .... bye bye, poor little girl, she did not realise I was not going to hold her up.

    I have done the trick where I slip around the other side, geez does that make the angry.
  16. I find if you split past while the traffic is flowing, they can't do it later when they are stopped.
  17. What's with the arrogant, 'holier than thou' attitude?
    Fair enough it's irritating and annoying but having an attitude like that may add to the the displeasure that some non-riders have about people who ride motorbikes...don't you think?
  18. Most will never "love" motorcyclists, so let them fear motorcyclists. In that sense I have no problem with it. The issue is, is it worth risking your life over? Because that is essentially the risk you are taking if you come across someone who has no problem with using his vehicle as a weapon in response.
  19. Defensive driving 101: someone tries to close the gap that you are riding through, do you?
    a) squeeze through the gap and shake your head because clearly they're just trying to be annoying and nothing could possibly happen to you.
    b) wait for the gap to open again or take an alternate route.

    You sir (and many posters following) have just failed.

    I had it happen to me many times on the bruce highway and rather than getting angry or kicking mirrors, I just held back a few seconds until it looked ok to keep going. If at any point it didnt look safe such as going between 2 large trucks that wouldn't be paying attention to a little bike I either jumped back in line for a few mins or went around the outside.

    I just don't see the common sense behind pushing on and blaming the car if something goes wrong. There seems to be a growing trend between riding a bike and dangerous impatience lately.
  20. I've pinched a couple of durries off clueless types who leave their arm dangling out the window.

    What? I'm broke, they're not. Don't judge me.