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"he is a good boy" . . . YEAH RIGHT !!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mickyb V9, Sep 3, 2009.

  1. Is it only me or do mothers of convicted criminals need to wake up to themselves. We hear the quote, "he is a good boy" too often in the media when parents of criminals are interviewed !!


    Like FFS . . . armed with a gun and robbing a hotel !!

    These people never think of the other people affected by their family members actions.

    These people sicken me ! I find it hard to believe how they try to justify the incident and blaming the police ! Read the article, the newspaper has done well depicting how disfunctional some ethnic family groups are.
  2. What I find interesting about the article/link is the second last sentence:

    "Sen-Constable McEnally's father Bob yesterday said he had been informed of the shooting."

    McEnall was the 26 year old officer killed in 2002.
  3. Three criminal children from the same family and the mother has the gall to say her son was a "good boy"
    I'm sure Hitler was a "good boy" as well.
  4. Good shooting.
  5. Cry me a river, biatch.

    I read an article in which the father claimed that the police were out to get his son when they shot him.

    If we can euthanize vicious dogs...
  6. Well she was never going to get mother of the year now! It's the same deadshit story, always someone elses fault.
  7. Short of the very extremes most people want to appear to be “A Good Boy†to there mothers, having there mothers approval is pretty damned important. So if someone is not “A Good Boyâ€. Odds on there mother is the last person to learn about it.
  8. Let me try and re-emphasis this......

    Why is the father of the dead police officer being advised of the shooting? Who informed him, the media - unlikely.

    So, from the outside looking in - "yeah, we got him Mr McEnall"..... Not saying that is the case, but as usual, there are 6 sides to a cube. There are counteless versions of a real-life story.

    We are alll quick to judge - that includes me - so lets be realistic that there may be other forces at work here.

    I agree with Falcon - a mothers love and approval is important. The mother is USUALLY the last to know of their childrens indiscretions - maybe its turning a blind or not........
  9. Can't really put much faith in journalism these days so its hard to make get a good feel of the real situation, as Skuffy points out.

    Why wouldn't the media alert the brother of the officer killed? I can definitely imagine them doing so in order to obtain some comment which they can later misquote to make their story that extra bit sensationalist.
  10. IMO . . the police had close tabs on these scums !

    The 16y/o accomplice who shit himself when the other dude got shot is wanted for a string of other hold-ups. There is no coincidence that the Detective and dog-squad officer was there in no time, these scums were under surveillence.

    I tip my hat to the cops who executed this, job well done
  11. bravo, NSW Police!

    and the gene-pool cops a little chlorine.

  12. +1 :roll:
  13. I thought you were going to discuss this story: Clicky :grin:
  14. I wonder if that family is related to the Corby's?
  15. I'm with Skuffy. Something not totally correct with this and it's not like the NSW police force are beyond question. Never the less, the mum is also hardly likely to say 'about time too, he was a bad one that boy of mine....'
  16. Looks like Goodwins law is in attendance :p
  17. ... and let's not start on the Milat family, shall we? :LOL:

    I don't know if anyone else watched the Stephen Fry journey across the US in a London taxi, but at one stage in the South, he attended and filmed a Parole Court hearing. It was hilarious; all these people getting up and saying that the criminal was basically a good boy and deserved a second chance! It was amazing how many pulled the old 'He's found God', stunt. Fry asked the panel about this later and they were laughing about it; one guy suggested that gaol was good for people, because they always found God there :LOL:.

    As far as the Taufahema boy is concerned, good policing is knowing where the crims are, and what they are doing, and being ready to act when they do. No-one can surely complain when one of the boys commits a crime and the Police are right there on the spot. At least he got a chance to drop his weapon and surrender; Constable McEnallay was murdered in cold blood by a man who was already on parole from another violent crime.
  18. Isn't that one of the programs on the ABC? And you know that Fry is blatantly homosexual AND left wing? Paul, what's happening to you?!!! :) :) :)

    (please note the smiley's, it's just a gentle ribbing)
  19. :LOL: Beyond the fact that it's on the ABC (although with set-top boxes and digital tuners and stuff, and seemingly 30 channels on free-to-air, who can keep track these days?) I don't know anything about him, and hadn't even heard of him before I picked up on one of the episodes while surfing channels.

    I've also got into "Finding the Fallen", WW1 archaeology; again, couldn't even guess what channel that is, but it's fascinating stuff.

    anyhooo, back OT.
  20. Stephen Fry is a co-writer of some of the best comedy programs to come out of the UK. He is one half of the Fry and Laurie comedy duo (Hugh Laurie is now a doctor in a US program, House) and appeared in Blackadder, series 2-4 IIRC.

    He famously disappeared for several weeks in the 90's and his family held grave fears for him as he was then diagnosed with clinical depression. He is a technical junkie, fantastically intelligent and exceptionally witty. He also loves all things Apple....so I now fear that you will not watch the program on Sunday!

    A genuinely likeable bloke.