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hdmi for an analogue brain

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ibast, Jul 13, 2008.

  1. So I finally got a HD reciever for my LCD tv.

    I run it in the 6 co-ax cable setup for a week or so until I could find a decently priced HDMI cable the right length.

    So I puller the co-ax cables and put the HDMI cable in. I switched the TV to recieve the HDMI signal.

    "No signal"

    Frigged around for a while and finally put the 6 co-ax cables back in and left the HDMI in place.

    I could now view the tuner through bothe the co-ax "channel" again, but more importantly it had now found the HDMI signal.

    I dissconnected the co-ax cables and could still view through the HDMI. Great all fixed!

    Then I go away for a few hours come back and once again HDMI channel gives me "no signal"

    Now I can't get it back, even if I re-attach the co-ax cables.

    So the question "what am I doing wrong?" Is it me, the box or the TV?

    It's a Bush HD box and a TEAC LCD tv if that helps
  2. Works then doesn't - no other changes?

    Suspect cable connection.

    That's all I got. Good luck.
  3. Have you tried turning it off and on again?


    But seriously, it should just work. Very occasionally I get 'No Signal' when the source has gone to sleep. The TV doesn't detect the source is awake again and I need to power cycle both devices to get it to work again...
  4. Few things to do.

    1) Check settings in the STB. Make sure that the HDMI output is turned on and set to 1080.

    2) Make certain that the TV itself can accept a 1080 signal. Some cheaper TVs cant.

    3) Turn the box off. Turn TV off. Make connection with hdmi. Turn STB on. Turn TV on. If still no picture/sound, cycle through the inputs on the TV.

    If that fails, i would suspect a dud hdmi cable. Its actually very common.

    What sort of HDMI cable is it? You dont need to spend big bucks on one but the cheaper ones are notoriously dodgy.

    At the end of the day, you wont see an improvement with HDMI over the RGB component video leads anyway. Component video is more than capable of delivering a 1080i signal with no loss of quality. Just means more cables to go that way. Believe it or not, component video usually looks better for FTA TV anyways. Generally gives a smoother, less digitized picture.
  5. Yeah I'm beginning to wonder if I did get the HDMI signal or I imagined it.

    Going into the set-top box there is an option to select output. It only has VGA or PrBrY. The later does give better reception than the YRB cables.

    so I'm thinking the firmware is not up to date.

    So I need to be longer PrBrY cables and get rid of the HDMI. It wasn't as dear as some but still not cheap.

    I'll keep the possibility of a faulty cable in mind. I got back onto the supplier of the box and if they claim the output setting doesn't matter, I will swap the HDMI cable.
  6. I'm willing to be the TV wont accept the HD input and if it does the response time may be to slow anyway.
    HDMI comes into its own when there are several devices plugged in.
    The cabling is standard (media interface) and there is less of it.
  7. It's good for 1080 input.

    I note the error in the OP in that it's a NEC not a TEAC
  8. Hey

    I've got a cheap DGTEC HD box connected to HDMI if I say turn tv off and leave box on for awhile. And then come back turn TV on will come up with no signal so I just turn power off on box power back up and comes up.

    Thought maybe you could have same prob considering its just a cheapy brand.
  9. I tried combinations of off and on, one first then the other.

    I might try leaving the box off for a while and see if letting it completely power down or cool down helps.

  10. Some devices want you to change the settings, so if AUX1 is set up for RGB component you may need to go into the TV settings and change it to HDMI input. I stuffed around with mine for ages untill I had it worked out.