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Hd iron 883

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Biker Boy, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. Has anyone riden one of these? Any feedback? Are they really gutless?

  2. I haven't ridden one, all I can say is the notion of such a bike being gutless is a bit relative and, well...silly (not having a go at you, but at that notion which gets around about so many bikes). I hear people speculating about their 650cc bikes: whether, because there's a label called LAMS attached to the bike, they'll get bored of it before their Ps are up. I've been daily riding for a decade, I'm 100kg, never owned a car and commute everywhere by bike, I do a lot more riding than what you stated you intend to do (in your other thread), and I've just bought a Virago 535, as a preferred bike over my good Hornet 600 which I'll now turn around and sell. And nothing gives me more pleasure than touring on my SR500, which has less than 20 real hp.

    So my guess is that the HD is not at all gutless, depending on whether you mean real-world ability, or in comparison to some Lygon Street I-ride-4000km-a-year-look-at-my-tatts pissing contest.
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  3. I've owned a few 883 sportsters and even a Suzuki m109r power cruiser, and in all honesty they are fine, im well over 100kg and whist they aren't bike fast, they scoot away from the lights alright, they don't do 30m long powerskids like the M109 can do :)
    But they do go quite well and use bugger all fuel, for a couple of k you can do a 1200 conversion and whilst you at it a few mods and then they are quite brisk... Depending on your weight you should be able to pull a mid 14 1/4 mile on an 883, take a second off for a stock 1200 and another second off for a basic modded 883/1200

    More than fast enough

    Personally if I was you and buying new I'd go for the super low 883, they are really nice!
  4. Thanks for the feedback guys. Not trying to break land speed records but I still want to know that I am on a bike. I have never ridden a Harley that's all. Of course the obvious answer is to take one out for a test ride. Just need to get around to it.
  5. My friend has one, she reckons its great, I rode it down my drive, brakes are good,
    Its very low so unless your a real midget, you can get both your feet on the ground,
    Its not a cruiser so you can get it around corners quite well.
  6. all bikes are fun. the only time the hd iron will feel slow is when you are riding with other bikes
  7. Hear HEAR!! =D> :D

    I think the Iron is one the sexiest thing out there.
    Sounds like a Harley, rides very nice and corners well!
    If I wasn't 6'1 and built like the proverbial, I'd have one in a HEARTBEAT!
  8. I had an earlier 883 and the only real criticism of it was that it always felt a bit underbraked. I found the build quality good and the paintwork and chrome was very high standard.

    If you're Melbourne based I can't recommend Harley City in Brunswick highly enough. The only problem I found with them is that they are exclusively H-D :)
  9. Thanks heaps, much appreciated guys..
  10. Recently I was playing with the idea of an 883 and the Super-low had a lot of what I was looking for. For my mind though the primary problem for this version of the 883 is that the leg clearance when cornering is pretty awful. If Harley had altered that I probably would be riding one by now.
  11. Yeah I have been reading that the pegs touch down way before they should.
  12. can always alter pegs yourself.
    people get too caught up on stuff like that when looking at bikes. theres no one size fits all bike from the factory. you"ll never find the perfect fit of the shelf. buy what your heart wants and change it to fit you. rider triangle, being pegs, seat , bars is all easilly adjustable.
    i would'nt go for the hd iron myself, not so much because it's a harley (fag bike) don't really give a crap what people think.
    but because the markets flooded with second hand harleys that have allready been nicely sorted to improve performance, handling. and they've barely been ridden. people don't buy them to ride them. get a much better harley for less than the cost of a new iron.
  13. I'm with MM^ on both points: buy the bike that's otherwise right for you, then change the seat, pegs and handlebars to suit you. Especially in the case of a lower bike - it's easy to make a higher seating position and raise pegs for better clearance. See my XV535 project thread for my discussion on this very matter.

    Also, there's lots of excellent condition '90s and '00s Sportsters with no kms sitting in sheds for sale for $8k and sometimes a grande or two cheaper. Saving money is always nice; and if despite that fact you have the urge to spend it regardless, that leaves you a lot of cash to have fun accessorising or even modifying / customising the bike.
  14. MattB's on the money, 2nd hand sportsters are VERY cheap at the moment.

    If you grow out of the 883 you can always put a 1200 kit in it. Pretty affordable.
  15. You just had me looking under my seat in anticipation!
  16. Had a look on bikesales.com - everything there is still around the 10k + mark. The dealership is telling me they can get me an Iron for $13,400 on road. I REALLY like the look of the iron. The only issue is, every time I am on bikesales I get distracted and my eyes and mind start to wander. Let's face it, for $13,500 there is not much that you can't buy (within reason). Some very nice gsx-r's, CBR's and Yami's around. Quite a wide range of naked's and cruisers available at that price also. I just want one of everything. That's not too much to ask is it?
  17. eBay should deliver, and if not this today, then give it a couple of days (I know because I've been watching them for the last 18 months). And then there's those that repeatedly don't sell: you could ring or message them and tell them the price you can do in cash straight away if they're prepared to sell - a mate of QW's picked up an XL for $6k by doing that.
  18. Yeah, people advertise bikes for all kinds of amounts on bikesales/point but sometimes they never get it. I've been watching sportsters on ebay as well and they rarely sell at all. Search for the bikes and on the left hand side click "view completed listings" to see what they are actually selling for. It ain't pretty.

    Like Matt said, my mate watched a mid 90's XL1200 pop up for sale a few times on ebay without getting a bid. Gave him a call and offered him 6k cash if he picked it up in an hour. Sped down with a trailer and whoolah, new bike. Add $100.00 in VHT engine paint and you have an iron.