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HD C softail

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Fa1c0n, Apr 9, 2011.

  1. no and no and no and no
  2. Thanks for the imput.

    I see how you make your point.

    It is very good point.

    Please, do not elaborate at all.
  3. ...

    Feel Free to elaborate or is it simply "I Love Sports Bikes and thats that bitches"
  4. yeh i do love sports bikes but i dont mind most other bikes i want a thruxton as my third but i would not want to ride that tarted up tractor have you noticed it dosent have any rear suspension?
  5. just had another look its a vailed hardtail so it has rear suspension but i still dont like it
  6. Haven't we been through all this before.
    If you're worried about being "quick" then why the hell are you looking at Harleys?
  7. i think its beautifull.

    Made me a little wet sitting on it.
  8. Im currently on a 250 cruiser so anything is faster.

    im not worried about being "FAST" but i would still like to beat V8 commadores atleast.
  9. are you going to by a leather jacket with the tassels?ive heard there a must with these things
  10. You know what... I wasnt going to, but i am now. In spite of you.

    Thanks for contributing to this conversation greg.
  11. dont mention it mate glad to be of service=D>
  12. Mate when you are sitting on a piece of iron that looks that pretty and tuff at the same time, there is no need to go fast. You do not have to rush for anyone. Harley riders get there when they FEEL like it. :)
  13. Hi Fa1c0n,

    +1 to Biker Boy.

    I have ridden an earlier model softail and they are a really cool bike. Not as fast as a supersports but that is not the point. These things ride and accelerate differently and provide a different kind of riding enjoyment.

    My only thought would be that ergonomically I don't know how well they would work for long distance travel or regular commuting, and if I had one I would be constantly stressed about having it stolen.

    But yes, a beautiful and cool bike. You only live once mate, so if you have the opportunity ...

  14. Nice bike. Agree the Rocket III is huge, but still manageable... but why not join the Thunderbird 1600 club. Absolutely awesome bikes, and handle a whole heap better then HD's and they do have a shit load of power. But still no crusier will run like a 600+ sports bike... but the way i look at it, who needs to do 100 in first gear... bring on the crusier...

    If you like the HD's, also check out the Victory's..
  15. To the Harley knockers, all I can say is if you haven't ridden one, you have no right to comment on its ride. You can make comment on looks, or anything else your idle minds might like to comment on, but as I said .. if you ain't ridden it you can't truly judge it.

    Unless of course your just sheep following the flock .. and if that's the case your comment is worth flock all. :)
  16. V8 commodores are slow, it's the sneaky turbo falcons that you gotta worry about ;)
  17. 63hp