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HBBB Broadford. Easter weekend.

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by rc36, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. Since this meeting will be featuring a tribute to the late Kenny Blake, I was hoping to get down to the meeting and use it as an opportunity to launch a revamped Kenny B web site that I am working on.

    How many people are planning on going? Can you recommend some good accommodation options for me and my wife who will be travelling with me?

    Linky thingy.
  2. All Accom is booked in Broadford. There is only 1 motel. Try Seymour or Kilmore.
  3. Oh, yeah, I'll be there.
  4. I'll be riding on Sunday.

    Sorry I don't know much about accomodation, as I'll just drive up on the day.

    Having said that, it's 'only' an hour or so from Melbourne, so if you're really stuck try looking for something in the outer northern suburbs of Melbourne.

  5. Warren Willing is apparently doing laps. That'll be good to see.
  6. Yes, I wonder if any of the "oldies" can tell us when and where Warren last rode on a race track????
  7. Even WW probably doesn't remember. I doubt that he has done it , since the crash in Ireland, that ended his Racing. He was in Hosp. for ages.
  8. Yes, and on crutches, then a walking stick for ages after that. That was an horrific weekend. In the same accident that nearly claimed WW's life, British riders Tom Herron, Brian Hamilton and Frank Kennedy were killed and, here in Australia, popular Qld rider, Danny Oakhill was killed in a crash at Lakeside.

    Anyway, I shall be investigating some accommodation in Kilmore, I think. Apart from being close to the track, it is a beautiful little town.
  9. He did a few laps on Geoff Mcnaughtons RS250 Honda at AIR in 1985 IIRC.
  10. My wife and I......but then its always you:rolleyes:
  11. Oi - RC36 - your little misadventure won't stop you coming to Broadford, will it?

    Can you recommend some good accommodation options for me and my wife?
    ^     ^     ^       ^     ^      ^           ^     ^  ---------------
    |     |     |       |     |      |           |     |             ^      
    |   Subject Verb    | Adjective Adjective Direct Preposition     |
    Aux. Verb       Quantifier                Object    
                                                            Compound object of
                                                            the preposition 
    In this sentence, "XX and my wife" is the compound object of the preposition "for". Because it is an object, it takes the first person singular objective pronoun "me", not the first person singular nominative pronoun "I".

    Reversing the order of the compound object (my wife and XX) doesn't change the fact that it is an object. "I" would still be incorrect.

    RC36 is correct.
  12. No, mate, I'll still be there. Thanks for your concern, and for your confirmation that, as usual, my grammar is correct. I wasn't aware that anyone was questioning it as I have the person concerned on "Ignore" :):)
  13. Dont think so.:rofl:
  14. If anyone is coming along to the HBBB, please feel welcome to drop into the Preston Motorcycle Club Display. As well as contemporary stuff, for the motorcycle history fans we will be playing the early Swann series DVD's plus we have a bit of Kenny Blake historic stuff, including many race programs and the Robin Lewis K.B. photo collection.
    At 11'ish on Sunday morning we are holding an Easter egg hunt! All welcome.
  15. Sadly I won't be there. My recuperation is taking a lot longer than expected. I do hope, however, to be able to launch the new Kenny Blake web site this weekend to coincide with the event.
  16. i'll be there, went to a round of VIPER MX on the weekend just gone. my old man is keen to get back on the old bikes, but in evolution class.

    he's already got a pre90 sitting in the shed but its in 1000000002 pieces haha.
  17. PMCC will have some 2 for 1 ticket vouchers for the Australian Classic Moto Cross Aussie Championship the following weekend, so call in and say hi!
  18. Anyone going up on Sunday able to give me a lift up & back? I'm in Reservoir, from Melbourne you'll probably drive right through Reservoir.