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Hazards in Adelaide

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by phil01, Feb 9, 2013.

  1. Shouldn't have been riding a Suzuki....wouldn't have happened

    props to the dude for coppin a bunch of bullets and still walking his bike down a side street - dedication to riding and his bike right there !
  2. These dudes must be using crappy bullets.
  3. It wasn't his bike. It was stolen, and mostly painted in primer. He begged not to have the cops called. This guy is no more a rider than I am the pope.
  4. WTF is going on in Adelaide? Too many nutjobs getting around.
  5. Fark, there I was thinking you were the pope.
  6. Nah, just drug dealers shooting their debtors, and not doing a very job of it come to that. Happens everywhere these days.
  7. Probably the bike's owner.
  8. If so, ozzi approves.
  9. The owner wouldn't have risked hitting the bike!
  10. Ride like you stole it , he got it wrong