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Hazaar for me! Ps!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by cameo, May 28, 2007.

  1. I got my Ps yesterday and I feel sooooo much better to have that out of the way!!

    Absolutely baffled by some people though - like the couple who arrived to re-take their Licence test... on the SAME scooter... and not wearing gloves or safety gear other than a small helmet. When asked "Why doesn't your scooter have an L plate" the answer was "Because you can't carry a pillion when on your Ls and we didn't want to get booked." Right...

    Anywho, back to me - thoroughly enjoyed ripping my L plate off the back of the bike and cruised home over the West Gate feeling much less conspicuous, and much more confident. Thanks to all for tips, advice, help etc offered along the way.

  2. Well done Cameo !

    I know the feeling, you cant beat it when you rip off those L's !!!!!!!

    Take care out there and see you out on the road......
  3. Good stuff cameo,
    Count down begins. :twisted:
  4. Great stuff Lauren :applause: where did you do the test ?
  5. I did it at Deca, Altona North. I used my own bike, which made it MUCH easier - I had such problems when going for my Ls because of my height.
  6. Definately a good idea using your own bike !

    Just feeling more comfortable with all the controls etc.

    I rode my own bike to my test but then ended up using their bike, didnt want to risk smashing mine !!! lol
    Found it a bit difficult with a different style of bike.
  7. I joined the countdown as of Saturday!!!
    I did the Ps test in Sydney and managed to accumulate 0 points the whole way through despite some SERIOUSLY dodgy riding. lol. I only just made it through the cones, going too wide on the last one, I was shaky the whole way through the u-turn and it was only due to a serious abuse of the bike's clutch that I made it through, instead of doing the break test at the recommended 20-25km I floored it to 50 and came to a screeching stop.

    I made the mistake of hiring their bikes, and despite being promised a cb250 I was given a 125 cruiser, so I had a steep learning curve :oops:
  8. Well, Cameo, I think you need to come to Wesside coffee in Willy (Groove Lounge) tonight to celebrate.

    Well done.


  9. I have been meaning to do the Willy coffee thing since I got my bike back in Nov (I actually worked in Willy from Nov to March - how dumb am I for not going to it then!?!?!?).
    I'm probab moving interstate soon so I'm going to put it on my "to do" list of things to do in Melbs before leaving.
    Not tonight unfort... hopefully soon.
  10. Congrats cameo

    Its such a great feeling to get the P's

    I got mine on Friday and it still feels good :grin:
  11. Congratulations to you all newly licensed P platers :dance:
  12. Well done Cameo,

    just remember "Shiny side up, Black side down"

    Unless you are riding a rattie

  13. hey congrats
  14. Congrats on the P's.
    It's great to rip that darn L plate off, it has less drag on the bike now.
  15. Congrats! I remember the relief well :)