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Haynes Manuals

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by ginji, Jun 11, 2007.

  1. Well I finally found a service manual for my bike, short of buying one direct from Suzuki... It's from Haynes, which I understand to be a fairly good producer of these books, but I just want to make sure... Do those people that have a Haynes manual like it? Is it good, detailed enough?

  2. They are always recommended from what I've read on different Forums
  3. I've used them, and IMHO are better than the other brands, ie Clymers.

    I've got three at this time, YZF600 (thundercat), GPX600-750R's and GS 850's)
    The first two are hardback pommie published, and are very good, they include hints and tips, like how to make a version of the factory "special tool" where possible, the GS book is a softcover US published version, it's very basic, the diagrams are harder to read than the other two, and no tips are included.

    IMHO the ones published in pommie land are better than the US published, the only way to tell before buying is to open up the cover and check, but sadly they're often sealed in shrink wrap.

    Hope that helps
  4. well the one i'm looking at getting i haven't seen in any online US stores yet... it's only been published at the beginning of this year, so i should be right... and it seems that it's from the same author as your manual for the YZF.
  5. Then buy it!!!
  6. I have :p just had to make sure I wasn't going to waste $60 or so...
  7. Pay for a manual???

    Why not just download one off the net? :?

    I've found three manuals that I needed for free on the net.
  8. Because I'm yet to find one for a 05 GS500...
  9. gah, after all that effort to find the damn thing, the stupid supplier has told the store that they don't have any in stock (even though they sent it out as part of their catalogue) and aren't going to order it until they've cleared their stock of the old 89-02 books. f#*king idiots! :evil: :furious:

    on the other hand, i've called the store and explained that Suzuki made major changes to the bike after 02, so hopefully they'll be able to beat the supplier into submission... And I know for a fact that someone else ordered one too, for the same reason...
  10. In my very limited experience ive found them to be damn handy, though not as good as the actual factory manual of course