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Hayfever season

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Mez, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. Here's my first newbie question- how do you handle sneezing while riding?
    I'm anticipating at least trying to get the visor up in time (does that even help?), or do we need to invest in shares of Claratyne?

  2. I've always wondered about this too. Don't want something like this happening:

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  3. When you feel the sneeze come on immediately punch yourself in the nuts.

    Always works for me.
  4. I might just need your location for said sneeze- I'll need to borrow your set to punch (having none of my own)

  5. Thank God I have never sneesed in a full face. Done it in an open face helmet and the only trick was to check around, slow down, and pray :)
  6. As long as the visor's up, a single sneeze is not as bad as it might seem. A major sneezing fit, though, can be quite dangerous as you can be pretty uncoordinated and lose the ability to see properly for upwards of several seconds, which is an eternity on a bike. Best pull over in that case, if you can do so safely, until you're properly composed. You can worry about the snot that's built up in the chinbar later.

    I used to suffer major hayfever in the UK, with only limited relief by antihistamines. I was regularly to be seen, wearing my old Davida pudding basin summer lid, with a meter long string of mucous from each nostril trailing back over my shoulders. Luvverly.

    Fortunately WA pollen doesn't affect me as badly so tailgaters are less likely to receive mysterious goo on their windscreens.
  7. ... and if you don't have nuts??.... nipple clamp??....:-s

    Ahh... agh!!.... ahhhh!!.... OUCH!!.....:shock:
  8. Vizor up or in my flip face the entire front up. Try to keep your eyes open (difficult) and relax arms so if your upper body jerks you don't transmit steering inputs.
  9. Just a little ouch!
  10. & that is the second reason why you dont buy a 2nd hand helmet, other people's crusty sneeze goo in the chin vents:sick:
  11. Ok thats just waaaaay to gross dav lmao
  12. I find I can kinda aim it downwards, not sure that makes sense, sort of push my top lip out & sneeze down, must look pretty stupid if anyone glances at me when i do it..

    I suffer from hayfever every year, only usually for about a month, not sure what is flowering when I get it, I have worked on getting a good antihistamine (fark me the spell checker actually had that word), buy a few & try them out, make sure they don't make you drowsy, light-headed etc..
  13. I have sneezed and didnt make it in time to lift the visor, so had to clean it a little, but the scariest thing was as Greybm pointed out, trying to keep your eyes open, expesch if your on the freeway, consider the second or three that you have eyes closed and you travel the distance ?? I believe that someone in england considered a sneeze at 100 kmh[62mph] would have you lose about 100 feet by the time you come to your senses..
  14. I always thought it was impossible to sneeze and keep your eyes open. I normally stifle my sneezes but my usually count for sneezes is 3 to 4 which I'd imagine could be dangerous... luckily, I've never sneezed when riding but it has happened at a red light once or twice.
  15. You can get pretty good at stopping sneezes if you practice.

    Push your tongue against the roof of your mouth/front teeth as hard as you can, and focus on keeping your eyes open. You won't sneeze, or you'll at least delay it. Then you might want to pull over and blow or force a sneeze.

    It's only failed me once so far, and I have Autosomal Compelling Helio-Ophthalmic Outburst Sydnrome. (ACHOO sydnrome.)
  16. I thought you were trololo then I wiki'd it. Bad luck, sounds like an annoying disease.
  17. The discrimination is pretty intense. Finding it hard to get jobs...
  18. +1.

    To be honest the sneezing bothers me less than the runny nose. Sometimes in winter I'd end up with these streaks of dried snot running from my nostrils to my ears - I have to take off my helmet somewhere private and make some attempt at cleaning myself up before someone sees.