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Hayfever & Riding

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MattyB, Sep 19, 2006.

  1. Ok, so I, like many others, suffer from hayfever.

    Last year I tried every over-the-counter medication there was available to prevent it, and I tried the natural stuff (horseradish and all that rot.) but the only ones that seem to work are the potent little pink suckers that knock me for six.
    They make me incredibly tired and fairly out of it.

    I was wondering what other people use, if theres any secrets I don't know about, and if anyone uses the injections.

    My father uses injections i think every second week or every month or something. - Anyone have an info on those?

  2. Does Claratyne do anything for you?

    I'll find out if there's some decent druhgz that won't make you drowsy.
  3. I suffer from hayfever as well..

    have you tried rhinocort that is presribed by the doc. I think the dosage are double from the off the counter type.. I find that it only work after a few days of buffing.

    As for itchy eyes.. I put this eye drops twice a day.. forgot about the name.. very small bottle, green packaging with a white flower in the centre.. $15 for a small bottle.. It worked for me.. so far..
  4. I reckon the only stuff that works for me is the Codral cold and flu tablets. Only problem is now they record your name and license everytime you buy something with psudo-effa-what-it-called.
  5. nothin worx for me, i just open the visor when i sneeze and have a few tissues in my pocket for when i stop i clean myself up.
  6. Flip face helmet FTW.
  7. the injections I get are cortisone based and help alleviate symptoms.
  8. Super strong mint to clear the nose. Hopefully it lasts for the distance of your ride. That helps sometimes.
  9. A couple of sniffs with the Vicks inhaler stick before going out clears the sinuses & is only about $5 from supermarket or chemist.
  10. but it's not a blocked nose, it's a nose like a friggin tap! lol

    I'll speak to my doc again and have a crack at the prescription meds. if not, cheers for that info Smee, do they work flawlessly? do you get an itchy nose, tired, itchy eyes, running nose, blurred vision, etc?
  11. I'm sure an old school WWII gas mask would help, and I am sure you could wear an open faced helmet on top. simple. :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:
  12. Like this

    Who's gunna fux with you then??
  13. I find that the only thing that works for me is to use Beconase (or rhinochort) spray in conjunction with high dose (180mg?) anti-histimine tablet.

    One or the other won't cut it, but both will.

    The downside is that even the 'non drowsy' type tablets actually make you drowsy at higher doses...

    I only have to use both together for about a month thank goodness and the Beconase spray (which takes about 3 or 4 days to start working) is good most of the rest of the time.
  14. Hey mate, know your pain. Can't say anything relieves hayfever for me either without it knocking me around. The ones is use for that are Zadine tablet but they will definately make you drowsy.
    Tried a nasal spray called AZEP, which seems to aleviate a bit but not totally.
  15. Oh Dear I can relate to this one so well.

    After 13 straight sneezes on the freeway and me wobbling all over the road I decided to see an Allergist. Went onto a desensitizing injection program that went for over 18 months but I am so glad that I did as it has worked wonders.From suffereing on a daily basis to maybe a itchy mouth or sneeze once in a blue moon. My Advice see the allergist and find out whats doing it to you,then a course of action can be formulated.
    A little expensive but worth it in the end

    I am a painter and the allergens that affected me where Grass,house dust and cats so in my world there was no getting away from them and the medications I tried all of them and eventually became immune.
  16. I use telfast, the big pink 120mg ones do the job. there is a generic whose name I forget that is much cheaper.
    Follow it up with a double espresso and you're away.
  17. Hay fever can be dangerous, for sure - using those pink fellas Matty mentioned are rotten for concentration and reaction. I've been on those hay-fever injections all year, they helped at the end of last year, they'd better bloody work this season! I got sick of sneezing, holding my breath, trying natural remedies (though some of them worked temporarily). Rest of the tale is similar to Scorpious's (so to speak :LOL: )
  18. Yeah, cortizone steroids are the best treatment available, but you may need to play with doses/delivery methods to get the right solution for you. Your doctor should have plenty of suggestions.

    I use Rhinocort nasal spray (not over the counter version) - originally I had to use quite a high dose to build up it's effectiveness, but I'm back to one dose a day. For the nasal delivery systems you will need to take them daily, and they will take a week or so to start taking effect. From then on though you should be more or less immune. I get year-round hayfever (perennial allergic rhinitis), but the problem is now solved. :D

    The side-effects are limited, even with prolonged exposure. It's probably one of the safest things around as far as long-term side effects, actually. :p
  19. Riding/living in Melbourne doesn't help - it's renown for high hayfever levels. My hayfever was never so bad back in Tassie. Prolly another suggestion is to use whatever remedy you're using a half-hour or so before you ride, so hopefully it's started working before you are exposed.
  20. Just bear in mind this will only work for antihistamine (sp?) treaments, not the steroid ones. Steroids will need to build up in your system before they start taking effect.