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Haydon the new Keki Rosberg ?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by Dazza, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. I have been thinking that there are parallels between the ex formula one driver Keki Rosberg and last years number one rider in MotoGP, Nicky Haydon.

    Keki won only one race back in 82 I think and finished most races taking some podiums and top six positions, he had a good all round year, not flashy and taking heaps of firsts like most champions in all forms of motor sports but just had a consistent year.

    Not too sure but similar with Nicky. Its like everyone kept falling around him while he plodded along like the rabbit and turtle. His rivals had DNF’s from engine failures to offs etc. He was not flashy but he stayed upright and picked up points consistently where his rivals did not. He did not dominate but he was consistent. Both champions remind me of Steve Bradbury. Everyone who was considered to be favorite fell down at the finish line and he scored the sweetest gift.

    I am not saying these guys are undeserving world champions damn you have to be pretty good to in there league that’s for sure. If I could ride as a quarter good as the last bloke coming over the line in a superbike/motogp race I would be pretty stoked.
  2. Andrew Pitt springs to mind. He won the 2001 WSS championship without winning a race. The next year he won a couple of races and didn't take the championship :oops:
  3. Yep, Keke had six podiums and only one win in 1982 to equal Mike Hawthorn's one win in 1958. He still holds the qualifying record for Silverstone (the track has changed a bit since then) but he is the only person to have lapped the fearsome airfield track at over 160 MPH, so no-one could say he didn't have mucho courage.....

    I think Hayden's 'hare and the tortoise' win is only notable for the fact that all recent championships have been won in the more usual style of winning lots of races and dominating the scene. Whatever the case, points are points, that's why they pay down past first....
  4. Hahahaha. I don't why but that made me laugh. I have to agree with you though, he just doesn't seem as talented as the others and just has a little luck on his side. He also seems to be full of excuses when things go wrong. I don't like that. Like in RD1 last weekend, apparently his bike was underpwoered and outclassed yet his teamate did just fine.
  5. The guy spent all last year racing a development bike and still won the championship.

    What do you want, blood? :roll:
  6. Aikalla jälkisäädös ei koskaan olla toinen Keke. :mad:
  7. There are a few that were similar. James Hunt and the later pommy bloke that only won a championship because he was driving the only fast car at the time.

    Even our own Alan Jones.
  8. James Hunt? You may want to check that. He won 10 races. Apparently 6 in the year that Lauda was largely absent.

    Nigel Mansell. Hugely conceited and arrogant, but won 30 odd races. Known as totally committed. Raced against some of the best in the World.

    Damon Hill. Won over 20 races. Nearly won against Schumacher twice. Won the championship in a very very good car (which I will grant).
  9. Keki won the inaugural Adelaide GP, as I recall.
  10. .. in a fire-breathing Turbo V6 Honda-engined Williams....


    These engines were only 1,500cc but with the benefit of huge turbos, were tweaked up to over 1,500 horsepower for qualifying, and regularly ran at around 1,000 horsepower during the races. Of course, they didn't RACE the engines they used for qualifying; they weren't fit to be used as ashtrays after three quick laps.......
  11. Thought it might get someone fired up. Damon Hill was the one I was trying to remember. Keep in mind he was driving a Williams and his main opposition was driving a Beneton.

    I didn't refer to Nigel Mansell, but he was definatly the least deserving formula one champion ever. Unlike Senna, Prost and Schumacher, he could never have one if he wasn't driving the best car. He only got the drive because he was a pmmmy driving a Pommy car in the biggest F1 TV market.

    And surely your point about James Hunt only proves my point?
  12. I think most people largely underate Haydens win last year.

    The good points from his win are as follows:

    He didn't fall off. Every one else did. Rossi fell. Edwards fell. Caprossi fell and took out Melandri and many others. Pedrosa and Stoner fell lots. Last time I looked falling off was bad.

    He was racing what was basically an experimental bike. Honda were still giving him dud clutches to test three rounds from the end of the season. He dealt with these HRC politics with aplomb.

    He won at both Assen and Laguna Seca. Two very much rider focussed tracks were bike performance and HP don't mean squat. You get to rest for 2 seconds at Laguna.

    He also qualified fastest for the whole season. He was the man all guys chased throughout most practise and qualifying sessions.

    But I guess this does lead to the big complaint I have about him. You are on a full factory Honda that you can regularly get onto the front row. Why aren't you winning more?

    Anyway, I think that this season will be a big struggle for Hayden. HRC have built a bike for Danny P. Rossi is pi$$ed, and both Ducati and Suzuki have great tires now and a new found turn off speed. Plus all the other Honda rider will rob points from him all season long. No team orders coming from inside the Repsol team. If he won again this season, it would truly be a great effort.
  13. Go read what I said again

    You sir obviously have reading comprehension problems :roll:

    Cheers :cool: