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Hayden to stick with Ducati

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Set, Jul 28, 2012.

  1. At his home GP Nicky Hayden has extended his contract with Ducati for a year. Still no news on who may take Stoners place and all this hype/rumors surrounding Yamaha and Rossi.


  2. I thought Marc Marquez was taking Stoner's spot?
  3. He is.
    Sound move by Ducati keeping Hayden on. Good to see hes staying around in MotoGP.
  4. Ahhh hadn't seen the news on Marquez taking Stoners spot, will be good to see what he can do in MotoGP.
  5. no news on spies or rossi :(
  6. This may mean that Rossi is on the move, because I thought it was all but confirmed that Crutchlow is at Ducati next year.

    Spies confirming his departure from Yamaha this week fits the puzzle well.

    Rossi will never beat Lorenzo again though
  7. You willing to wager something on that?
  8. I would, I reckon he's had his day. Lorenzo was pretty convincing when they were side by side. He's had another two years experience since then.
  9. I reckon lorenzo is gonna keep getting better and better, he's so smooth!
  10. Really? In '08 Rossi scored double his points and in '09 Rossi won it with a race to spare while in '10 Rossi broke his leg too early in the season to see how that was going to pan out. Of course the Yamaha effort went into Lorenzo for the rest of the season after that as it should. What was convincing about Lorenzo?
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  11. He battled well when he wasn't highsiding. And he has done much of that lately. If yamaha take him back we'll know then I guess.
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  12. I think you've clearly stated what is convincing about Lorenzo - 08 crashed his brains out getting used to the bike, 09 gets the grasp of things and puts in a great season, 10 he won the championship. Can't fault that.

    In the context of the rivalry, my memory is patchy on details of the 09/10 seasons but I recall the Rossi/Lorenzo one-upmanship being the main event. There was a lot of aggressive racing and they slammed the door on each other many times but I certainly don't remember Lorenzo shying away or capitulating......and this against the supposed greatest of all time.

    At the end of the day, Yamaha preferred to keep Lorenzo and Rossi ended up riding the dog. That is pretty convincing too.

    Listening to the pre race commentary today, it was interesting to hear the rumour that Dorna are pressuring Yamaha to accept Rossi. Apparently it's important for the sport to have him getting podiums.
  13. They probably saw a greater future with the younger rider who is at least 90% of a Rossi. In 1978 Suzuki refused to give Mike Hailwood a factory Suzuki for his comeback at the IOM TT as they felt he was past it, he won without them. Point is the factory doesn't always know best and it proves very little.
  14. Think harder. Motegi 2010 I believe it was, Lorenzo had one of his whinges after Rossi bitched him.

    I thought Rossi left because he felt he was not getting paid enough in order for Yamaha to pay Lorenzo more.

    Let's see, the parts of Europe where motogp is biggest are economically ****ed, motogp racing is more and more described as boring, and more and more rules are turning it into the crtGP. Crowds are down as it is afaik, what do you think?
  15. You're right, factory teams aren't always right and I only mentioned it anecdotally because Yamaha are a canny team at the top of the game and seem very motivated to win. They must've seen the balance between the two riders change and negotiated to keep Lorenzo - if Rossi really was the development key for their bike or if he really was 10% better than Lorenzo I doubt they'd have played it like they did.

    Anyhow, it seems like we'll get to see if he still has it.
  16. I'll be happy to be wrong on this because with Stoner going, it's going to be an even more boring series next year unless someone can dice with Lorenzo. It looks like it has to be either Marquez or Rossi - if we're lucky, it'll be both.
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  17. All three of them, Rossi, Stoner, Lorenzo, are as bad as each other. You wouldn't find a someone more princess than that lot trapped in a castle guarded by a dragon. They can whinge just as hard as each other, Rossi certainly wasn't the quietest.