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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Loz, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. Yes.

  2. depends who's riding it...
  3. And trolls should have a special "sitting under the bridge" course to go through before they go fishing under assumed names!
  4. i'd give the troll:

    1/5 for imagination
    1/5 for spelling and grammer
    2/5 for provocativeness

    overall score: 1.5 / 5 :?
  5. Do we even have that many Hyabusa riders on Netrider to stir up?
  6. Too easy to spot... Mismatched brands in name and profile, overly deliberate dumbass spelling and grammar, the list goes on.

    It's not that easy to pull off a good troll, I've had a think about it once or twice, even jotted down a test post... and given up out of laziness. Props to those who can get a rise out of people without exposing themselves.

    /so to speak
  7. JD bussa owners to stir up, good luck with that :grin: and there responce would be what to a 250 rider ?? I wonder :grin: and coming from a fellow suzuki rider :shock:
  8. I agree we dont need bussas any more see( zx14 KAWASAKI) :LOL:
  9. Umm, my comment was in regard to the original post - just wondered how effective his obvious trolling (ie wanting to ban Hyabusas) would be when I don't think there's many on here. Personally I like Hyabusas, would quite happily ride one myself (perhaps some day).
  10. No, they'll all die out anyway... :LOL: :LOL:
  11. My 'busa riding buddy reckons you can't wheelie them...

    Clearly he's wrong, but if it were true I'd be calling for an instant ban or product recall.
  12. and its also strange how his signature is exactly like an incorrigable poster .... known as pvda ?? or is it just coincidence :?:
  13. Surely just coincidence.
  14. I agree with the suzuki riding ninja cbr ..... and I will now outline my view in a badly typed, wrongly gramatised witless an nonsensicle waye... and suzuki cbr's suck... Kawasaki make much better cbrs
  15. Re: Hayabussas

    sorry mate but "BOLLOCKS"
    more people die or crash on GSXR's (600-1000) and R1's amd R6's etc , than hayabussa's.

    if you ban them then you have to ban
    and a few others

    dont ban any bike or they will start culling all until all you are allowed to ride is a postie bike.
  16. Why shouldn't it be, if you can register and insure it, I say why not.
    You could also ask the same question about a Lamburginie.
  17. Re: Hayabussas

    Dude... he's obviously trolling.....