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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Androo, Oct 9, 2004.

  1. i just felt like mentioning that.. I WANT ONE

    even though i know it's WAY too fast
  2. Go with your dreams Androo it's the one thing no one can take away from you :)
  3. the zx12 is equally as fast and a better looking bike :)
    try a zx9, my partner has one and it has 143hp at back wheel.... fast and handles..
  4. actually the looks of the hayabusa have grown on me, i reckon they look so much better in person then in photos.. and apparently they handle well but the stock suspension setup is for high speed, not handling...
  5. fair enough :)

    This sentence is only here because the message was too short :shock:
  6. BEEFCAKE !!! (2000)

    but seriously... where would you ride it accept in the NT ?

  7. my mate just traded a busa in for a gsxr, lighter & better handling & goes almost as hard..
  8. fred_kroft - everywhere! dont have to do top speed all the time

    pat65 - true .. no difference in acceleration between a busa and gsxr1000 until u get to about 200km/h :p (the busa is actually a gsxr, but i know what u mean)
  9. You have got to be fcuking joking, for fcuks sake, you cant be fcuking for real, a fcuking EYEABUSA / HAYABUGLY of a fcuking ugly fcuking bike for fcuk sake. That is one fcuking fcuked up fcuken ugly as shit motorbike.

    It hit every branch in the ugly tree as it was spewed out. Its got that boil on the bum for everyone to see, the big pimple on the nose which just wont go away.

    So true.

    P.S. Of course all my thoughts are totally unbiased opinion 8)

  10. If it weren't for the single exhaust pipe and the dial speedo on the zx12 i would have bought one. As it stands I got a BB and am happy but i cant wait for the perfect bike to come along. Suzuki came up with the design idea when one of the employers spat a peice of Hubba Bubba bubble gum out of his mouth and it stuck to the CEO's shoe and when the CEO peeled it off he thought wow what a great idea for a bike, I'll call it Haya Busa.
  11. haha i think you'll find it was designed in a wind tunnel, which is why it's the fastest bike around :D

    the ZX-12 was also designed in a wind tunnel, but surprise surprise it looked exactly like a busa! kawa desided it wouldnt sell and scrapped top speed for looks :p

    [Edit: Spelling]
  12. That should read "fastest bike around IN A STRAIGHT LINE" I think (if I have my facts straight) that both the 954 blade and the R1 both beat it when you throw corners into the mix.
  13. its tru that the hayabusa was designed in the wind tunnel...it has one of the lowest drag coeeficients of any bike around which would mean high top speed!
    its also one of few bikes that can make 500-600hp on a proper turbo kit too!

  14. not to mention the girls love them :p
  15. Not this little black duck. They don't call them eye abusers for nothing!!

    I'd rather an across! then people will think i'm a learner not a poser :)
  16. i never thought i'd hear someone say they'd rather an across then a hayabusa :LOL:
  17. rofl. Only a female would say something like that. They don't have what it takes to be competitive. Their only concern is looks.
  18. well back when i was bike-shopping, the bikes that my (female) friend liked were the gixxer600 and various hayabusas - i think its the curves lol
  19. Maybe she just likes Hubba Bubba :D
  20. From memory the names comes from a one of the fastest birds in the world, who knows, could actually be the fastest bird in the world.

    But they are shockingly ugly.....in person or in a photo.....aerodynamic as you can get for a bike I'm lead to believe the old joke of "Sure I might be drunk/slow now, but you'll look like that forever" seems to apply.

    Who the hell chose that salmon color, god that is bad!!!! Added to that some people feel the need to customise them and make them look even worse, putting fur on them, extending the swing arm, putting twice as wide rear wheels and even adding a second rear wheel. The bike just seems to attracted bad taste. Additionally Ghostrider rode a busa during his high speed lunacy, so it also seems like people lose all intelligence when they throw a leg over it.

    500-600hp...WHY!??!?!?! You'd NEVER be able to tap into even half that power.

    I'm also told they go through rear tyres like there is no tomorrow. Heard tales of 1000km replacements.