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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Jay77, May 20, 2011.

  1. Just a quick post to see if anyone has or owned one of these bikes and to see what they are like to live with day to day or are the more of a weekend or track bike only. Just curious.

  2. A friend of mine had one. Commuter? mmmm nah Track Bike? mmm Nah. They are an awesome fishing boat though.
  3. I see 2 busa's most days on the way to and from work, a maroon and a white. Any bike can be a commuter, just some better than others. The 2 I see dont have any problems with them. I did catch one of the guys who I see at the drive though getting some beers and had a good chat. He reckons they are a great bike.

    I was really close to buying one. Best looking bike on the market. Only thing that stopped me was the fact that what I really wanted was a good sports tourer. A busa is a good looking bike, but not a bike for panniers!!
  4. TRA, Take a Blackbird for a ride, You can get Honda Panniers for it, Looks very sharp with them on,
    Make sure your hanging on very tite after 7000 RPM,

    As for the Busa, It sits beside me, or I sit beside it, The ZX 14 also sits beside either of them

    The busa has a very low seat, So it should be very good to commute on,
  5. I hear very good reports about the 'busa. The ZX14 and the 'Busa were =1st on my list. I ended up with the 14 because (to my eyes) it looks a whole lot better, and I unexpectedly got complete agreement from the cook that it (the 14, the first bike we looked at) might be perfectly suitable. *Bingo!* "Let's get a bank cheque, then." Real quick before she changed her mind again. I had planned to milk the whole test ride thing for as much as it was worth, but getting an agreement straight up on the bike that was top of my list - too good to pass up.
  6. I was told that when I was looking at buying one, but I just recently purchased a triumph sprint. Better suited at the job at at hand.

    However if you like the busa, you like the looks and you wont be interested in the blackbrid or zx. I know there are a couple of busa owners on this forum, and I think you will find that they along with any other busa owner are very happy with their purchase.

    I forgot too, I know another owner. The former president of the MRAQ had one and he described it as a true gentlmans bike. Big words from a guy who has ridden just about everything.
  7. Awesome info guys, nothing bad really said about them.
    While I still have a couple of months before I can get a new bike its nice to look forward to something.
    I just cant walk past a Hayabusa without drooling...., and the other one I saw which gave me the 'wow' factor was a Triumph Daytona 675 SE. yum.
    And while I am babbling away, also while I was window shopping in the dealership I saw two brand new Buell's. I know one was a 1125, but cant remember the other. The 1125 just looked awesome standing still. Although they are discontinued, are they any good?
  8. I believe they are out of business. Buell. Definitely one to ride for an hour before putting money down on one.
    The Busa is a good bike. It feels a little lighter or quicker to flop from side to side than the ZX14, which is hard to believe. the ZX is a little more stable and feels less powerful. But it's not. It's just so deceptively quick.
    I wouldn't say either are up there with Elle Mc for looks. But the ZX14 is one of my Favorite bikes. And they have had no issues mechanically.
    If I was going hyper sports the ZX would be my pick. Just a personal fav and nothing at all wrong with the Busa.
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  10. Interesting stuff. To be fair, wayyyy above my skill level right now, good few years worth methinks. Maybe when Im bigger. lol
  11. I thought Buell had started up again.