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Hayabusa Vs Fireblade Race bike

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Removed_User6, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. #1 Removed_User6, Feb 19, 2008
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    Street registered Hayabusa Vs Fireblade racebike on the track .

    This is just for all tose who love using the line .
    They are to big and cant corner ----------------------------> humble pie is over here

  2. Are you serious Grobby?

    Every time the hirebus made up a 100m gap on the straights, it lost it all in the next braking zone or 1 or 2 corners. The guy on the blade could have taken him just about anywhere. This isn't a guy not being able to overtake, this is a mate staying behind a mate to film him.

    And it PROVES that they can't corner anything like a superbike.
  3. I was at the Bathurst Easter Races about 2000, when the open class racing top five was R1 first, turbo hyabusa second.

    If a turboed 'busa cannot beat R1s, even with the turboed incredible speed
    along conrod straight (~330km/h) then what hope has a standard 'busa got, especially on real-world roads or tighter tracks?

    Of course this assumes both riders are similar skill and able to use the machines properly etc. I'm sure Rossi or Xaus or Bayliss could ride a postie faster than I ride my sportsbike :D
  4. A stock standard road bike against a fireblade race bike .( I dont think thats a level playing feild to start with )
    The busa does pull a bit on the straight and the blade does make ground under brakeing , but when you compare that one is standar brakes the other running race sets , on has standard suspension the other is running race set up etc .
    Then taking that in mind , The race bike is winding it out and thats clearly visable and even if he does catch him , over taking him is another thing .
    But with all that , I would not mind being able to throw a hayabusa around a track like that , as I said the standard line that I hear from gixxer riders and R1 riders etc ....."they are too heavy and cant corner"
  5. What's with the dude on the bicycle at ~2.15?
  6. Well it certainly can't corner as well as the camera bike can - and that's why the humble pie will be staying in the fridge for the time being!
  7. Funny, that's exactly the same thing I could say about gixxers and R1's as I pass them under brakes and through corners on a single cylinder dirt bike.... but then one gets ridden properly and makes it all clear, it's about the rider.
  8. I've had mine (completely stock) out at Eastern Creek a couple of times just for the sake of it.

    Not that nice an experience if you're chasing lap times. Standard brakes and suspension with too much power mean that almost every corner has to be carefully prepped.......the feeling that its all happening too fast with inadequate braking & suspension tools can be unsettling.

    But once you adjust your mindset and decide to just enjoy the grunt, it can still be a fun bike and corners well enough to get a thrill.

    Much as I love the bike, I can't say that it'd be my or even an A graders first choice for a track bike
  9. I think that's a good way to put it. Magnificent machine when enjoyed for what it is.
  10. It is interesting that on the suzuki website, they class the hayabusa as a sports tourer, so maybe they shouldnt be compared to race replica's. Sure, they got a lot of power, but its no good if you can only compete on the straight bit of the roads, only to loose it on the twisty's.
    +1 loz, understand what the machine is built for and it will be much more fun.
  11. exactly my point !!!

    I will take a step back and explain .

    Each time I go somewhere or am talkinhg with someone , special Gixxer / R1 riders , they will be carrying on with the talk about blew this off , dragged that etc .
    when they find out you ride a hayabusa .
    The first thinkg that comes across is this "attitude" , I can only describe it as inadequacy or something because there nose turns up and the first comment out of their collective mouths are " They cant corner" or "They are too heavy to ride".
    But the mysterfiying thing is when you get a "P'' Plate 250 rider saying it like he is talking from experiance.

    Thats why I put the video up .

    Yes a decent rider ( wish I could ride the busa like that ) on a standard bike.

    we all know they arent track bikes , and thats not there purpose , but it doent mean they arent incapable , theres more to riding than just going around the track or corners ( Maybe its just me ), but thats what the video was for too show these ( cornering experts) people that the bus when ridden properley can do the job on the track , do the job in a straight line , touring etc .
  12. :roll: Another power-boat rider holding a sportie up in the corners and getting away under power. "Oh, but but but...he's winning!" I hear you say. Yep, he's in front, but watching those two, he wouldn't set the faster lap time.
  13. Ah... Glad to see I'm not the only person who gets upset by the occasional rider who corners at 20kph (where it's unsafe to overtake 'em) and then zooms down the straight with litrebike acceleration, only for the 250 stuck behind the rolling roadblock to catch up at the very next corner and do it all over again. ;)

  14. :rofl: :bolt:
  15. argh yes the exact thing I am talking about .
    Yes the RACE BIKE and I will translate that for you TRACK RACE BIKE may catch him under brakes up to the corner , but being about 30+kgs lighter and Race set up brakes etc he should .
    But He may not have passed the STOCK HAYABUSA but he was giving his RACE bike some awful stick to keep with that bloke.

    I only wish I could ride like the hayabusa rider , to throw that bike , stock around a track like that is skill.
  16. Hey, it's already conceded that it's not a track bike but it's hardly slow with the right rider. Even I have passed my share of litre bikes on track.

    Most guys who ride busa's or blackbirds do so for their touring, the fact that they can have a fang on track is just a bonus. It's much better and less ridiculous than the other way around - having a track bike that's registered and impractical for it's main intended use......the road.

    From what I've seen, most Stoner wannabe's on "sports bikes" would do just as fast around a track on a moped.

    Rolling Roadblock :grin:
  17. 20kph, problems overtaking, :shock:
  18. Where's the info on the bikes from grobes?

    You and me both :p Unless you're racing, the rider having the most fun 'wins', IMO.


    Also Rolling Roadblock (but you'll pass me under power so I don't kill your fun for very long at all).
  19. "20kph" was slight hyperbole (hypobole?), realistically more like 40-60kph. Tight forest section near the GOR, blind corners because of tree density, double white lines. Not safe at all to overtake mid-corner. And once the turn opens up, 32hp < 100+ hp. :cry:
  20. I'm with Groberts...

    I'm impressed at the way the rider went on the Hayabusa which is not a track bike.

    The fact there is the dash of an R1 in the shot and the vid is called Hayabusa Vs R1 didn't have any relevance to me as they appear to be more propaganda than anything. You can't see/quantify the skills that the R1 rider isn't using, only the skill that the busa rider is; so lets keep that in focus here.