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Hayabusa vs. Buell vs. Other, Daily Commuter, Tall Rider

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by carboy, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. Hayabusa

  2. Buell 1125CR or XB12Ss

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  3. Something else racy - Ninja14R, GSXR1000?

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  4. Something more street - FZ1, CB1000R, STriple?

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  1. Considering moving on from the TL1000R and always thought I'd go the Hayabusa. Should I be considering something else?
    I'm almost 6'7" and 115kg.
    I commute daily 25-30 mins into Melbourne CBD.
    I love race bikes but realise the new breed of street machines have some comfort to offer. Not to mention the busa might be frustrating in the city.

  2. Speed Triple. Fun commuter and wheelie machine :twisted:
  3. Yes, busa would be a pain in the ass in cbd traffic, in my opinion at least. Mainly because it'll heat up and stay hot with the fan on in traffic, not great to keep a bike running hot constantly. And its no fun roasting your legs.

    Buell would be my choice from that list.
  4. The Busa would be a royal pain in the arse around town.

    Speed/Street triple would be fun but until Triumph sort out the cost of replacement parts tell them to fcuk off.

    Go the Buell. Kickarse things.
  5. speed tripple (streets are for pussies lol)
    yammy fz1n
    buel 12SS awesome...but about as reliable as your grandmas bladder
    aprillia tuono (if your still after a twin)

    or just fcukit. buy the busa...maybe some higher clipons and just ride the big bus. they can rack up some serious k's
  6. Actually the bike that you already own (TL1000R) is probably the best option. Powerful, narrow, reasonably light. All highly positive attibutes in a commuter.
  7. tl1000r narrow? compared to what? a bus?
  8. :LOL: :LOL:

    We have one parked downstairs next to our building every day, those things ain't slim that's for sure!
  9. Go a TL1000S, they're better :p
  10. I have no idea on the busa but Buells get uncomfortably hot very quickly at traffic lights
  11. how many car park spaces does it take up?

    not saying i wouldnt have one in my garage though
  12. Anything you choose will do the job, but what do you want it to excell at?
    Speed and power it's going to be the Busa or the 14, with the GSXR hounding them all the way. Ease of use - the CB or the FZ. Street fun - Speed Triple (not the Street for you I think) or Buell.

    The Buells I've ridden (XB12 air cooled stuff) did get uncomfortably hot in traffic. Dunno about the 1125CR but I'm interested to know - supposedly much improved in all respects.

    KTM twins would be great for this except they dislike sitting in traffic. Mine gets mucho hot. Tuono could be perfect.
  13. I've done a few demo days and found the 1125 (both r and cr) to feel hotter than the XB12. They have a lot less vibration when sitting at idle though.
  14. I voted for the 'Busa, good luck splitting & trying to keep the front on the ground :p

    About your TL: When is the upgrade happenin? I'm very keen on a TL. :grin:
  15. I'm 6'7 too and found it a bit cramped.

    Edit: A bike that makes a lot of sense (ignoring the price tag) is the BMW K1200R/K1300R. Big and comfortable, stable, monster engine, ABS and traction control, luggage options, cheaper insurance since it isn't classed as a sports bike, comfortable, economical, etc.

    I was looking at ordering one for a long time, but I love twins too much and now I want a ducati :(
  16. Well then, why didn't you say so? What you need is... a KTM 990 SM!
    Way tall, plenty of go, excellent in traffic (although as I said, they get a bit hot - but only if you stop :wink: And not as much as the Buells).
    But you've got to like the look.
  17. I'm 6'6ish and commute 50kms per day on a z1000, its perfect for lane splitting, nice and upright seating position and plenty fast enough for weekend trips.

    I did sit on an rc8 today though, the zed may now be on borrowed time.
  18. I quite like the superduke actually. It's roomy and comfortable, but has lousy resale. For that sort of money, I can get a new Monster 1100...
  19. u should consider a ktm duke supermoto for the city.
  20. late model zx9r they do it all 02 or 03 model should cost ya around 8 -9 grand