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Hayabusa, thoughts please !!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Blue14, Jul 25, 2006.

  1. OK peoples i am seriously considering selling blue and getting a new Busa. The blue and silver one looks awesome and i think that i might have to get me one. Has anybody ridden / owned both the 12 and/or the Busa.

  2. geddit :D

    (or the zx14)
  3. Thoughts...... Hmmm FAST, realy Fuking FAST
  4. I think you're a Revhead.
  5. take the boozy out for a test ride man.
  6. I believe the hayabusa is due for a major redesign in the next model year - including a 6 cylinder (smaller) engine which makes yet more power and a bit of a weight reduction program.

    Depending on your viewpoint, might be worth waiting to get the new one, or waiting for the new one to do some serious depreciation on the older ones.

    I know a few people into the current model - very strong bullet proof engine, nice aerodynamics... and looks you will either love or hate.

    As another alternative, how about the ZX14?
  7. You'll be super happy in a straight line.

    Heavy bastids.

    If they are bringing out a new one then wait for depreciation or get the newer [more awesome] model.
  8. my ex has one and a mate of mine still currently owns his.. fast, real fast, not very nice for a pillion to sit on:shock:
    so great to get out by yourself ummm yeah they love theirs.. just make sure your not 5ft nuthing like my ex, so funny, picture it big busa ,small rider on tippy toes at lights, girlfriend pillon yelling at him and wacking him on back of helmet for doing 200km on the road from elmore to shepp!! :evil:
  9. My thought is that if you buy one I'll have to go back to Melbourne to smack your butt :p

    It's not a step up, it's a step to the side.. and they are one of the ugliest bikes on the planet (the ugliest has to be that cagiva thingy)
    While I am thinking of it, pm me your msn details if you want :)
  10. i like them though sometime they can look ugly ...just depends on who is riding them :LOL: :LOL:
  11. :worthlesspics:

    Hmm, so


    I personally think ugly, hehe. But if you like the looks, your choice mate :) Only real way to know is take for a test ride! But as others said, heavy bike of course, don't know about it compared to your current power machine. I know of suzuki not allowing 600+1000cc bikes being test ridden @ dealers, MAYBE see if you can test ride the busa? Or ask someone on here to swap for a few twisties or something with yours :grin:
  12. I'd say go with the ZX14. From the reviews, it sounds better than the Hayabusa because you can corner pretty well.

    Besides, as if it's not gorgeous? :grin:
  13. I fecking love how they look and love the idea of all the power/torque. Zx14 looks like a camry and can bugger off. zx12 is the ugliest bike ever made, so i'd deffinitely be changing :)
  14. Did you date Frankie (gsxbusa)? :wink: :LOL:
  15. Sorry but i think they are bloody ugly :grin:
  16. I would not buy a bike that was ugly.
    What is with the "bump"
    Dont like it for that reason alone.
  17. It looks like a normal bike thats been left on the heat and got all warped. Weird looking thing. The new ZX14, now there is a lovely machine! I want one! :shock:
  18. All these Japanese sports bikes look pretty similar. :p

    Besides if you're riding it you don't have to look at it. :LOL:

    The 'busa owners I know love them (but so do the Blackbird owners, the Z owners etc. etc.) :LOL:

  19. Reviews of the zx14 left me with the impression that its a 'hyper-tourer' rather than a sports bike. The 'busa and zx12, while still not great handlers, are much more sporting than the the '14.
  20. The hayabusa looks the way it does because it was designed purely on function, not form like most bikes. It's bumps and lips are for aerodynamic purposes.
    That said the new GSXR1000 puts out more power so can't see why you'd bother with a busa.