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Hayabusa or ZX10R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by xlur8, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. Hey guys and girls have a chance at buying a 1999 hayabusa or a 2005 zx10R will be doing a little bit of touring just contemplating which bike both are around the same price any thoughts cheers

  2. touring? zx10?

    you can fit bar risers and stuff but i can't imagine you're going to get much comfort out of a zx10, the bus would probably be a bit better.

    perhaps as something to think about but a sport tourer v2, sv, falco or vtr? unless the warp speed factor is the key... twins are nice when you want to just cruise / tour.
  3. The busa would be more comfortable. But I do long distance on my 2011 ZX10 and its fine.

    My ZX10 is for sale by the way check it out ;)
  4. snowman thx man this 2005 zx10r if half the price i just thought for 6gran would be a beter buy then the hayabusa cheers
    just sold my zzr1100 might regret it
  5. The bus is cramped i thought -too low. The 05 zx10 is roomier in leg room
  6. Zx-10.

    The busa might actually be a better bike, but for the majority of times when you are riding normally, the busa is big, heavy, and not much fun in traffic.

    The zx-10, isn't ideal either, but it's a better choice all up, and it's alot younger. That's 6 yrs of developement time for bikes, which is quite alot.
  7. Wouldn't a ZX14 better compare to a 'busa?
  8. Thx for the replays guys decided to buy the zx10
  9. Sorry a bit late, stick with the busa better for 2 up great for touring their big and comfy,nothing wrong with the zx10 like em as well but their is a differance between the age