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Hayabusa for Commuting

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by slik50, Apr 5, 2009.

  1. Hi,

    The Mrs was with me at the bike shop yesterday and she is understanding that an upgrade bike is not that far away.

    She called me from the other side of the shop to ask:

    "What is that one called? It looks awesome." I told her it was a sports tourer with more power than you can imagine.

    I've always liked the idea of one for the weekends, and now it seems permission would be granted.

    the one drawback is that I commute on my gs500 and wonder how much of a pain the Hayabusa would be.

    Does anyone here commute on one of these?

  2. Deep down the 'Terror' section of my soul, I've always known that someone would one day come on Netrider and ask if he could commute on a Hayabusa :LOL:.
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  3. You buy a 'busa because you wanna do the triple ton. Any other reason is irrelevant and may offend the pure of heart.
  4. It looks like someone rode a gixxer through Chernobyl, but its fast (when unrestricted). For commuting, it should be no worse than a blackbird.
  5. Any big cc fully faired bike is a pain in traffic, gets rather hot and nowhere near as good agility in comparison to smaller bikes. What type of commuting? If its not stop and start traffic its not really an issue. If I had to go to the city 5 days a week I'd definitely have a 250 for commuting instead of my blade. As it is I only have to go in 2-3 times and not in peak hour.
  6. Thanks for the feedback guys, I guessed as much but thought I might as well ask.

  7. nothing wrong with a bussa for commuting .
    It does it on its ear , and the weekend play stuff , no issue either.
    I ride daily in melbourne , from home , freeway then around the city to work and its never been an issue .
    you dont have to be doing 300 to enjoy the beast , you can enjoy its at 80 ks etc .

    get what you like , because not all bikes are created equal, buying for a purpose at times wil have you regretting it down the track.
  8. At least its a bike! If you enjoy being on it, whats the problem? ;)
  9. Buy it. If bikes were meant to be logical they would all be speed restricted to 120clickometers. Make sure you slap a T66 on it too.
  10. They are a biiiig bike. It could still be done but it would limit the amount of lane splitting you could do.

    However if you plan to rack up monster kms (like a few of us do on here) then it'd be perfect. The Busa feels a bit to much of a stretch for me, the ZX14 would be my pick.
  11. Some people commute by Bell 206 JetRanger helicopter. That makes commuting by Hayabusa look positively pedestrian. (Yeah, heresy, I know, but true.)

    Whatever rocks your boat.

    I wouldn't want to be the person paying for tyres, though. :wink:
  12. It's a pretty hot (temperature) bike but in Canberra that wouldn't be a drama. Lanes are generous down there too.

    Kings, Hwy, Snowy's, etc, etc.............I use mine as a solely as a tourer but you'll get to commute too. :cool:
  13. Do it you know you want to

    1 gear for weekday commutes and the other 5 for the weekend :grin:
  14. Guy I worked with in Syd had one to commute from Wollongong and back daily - loved it. Upgraded from a GSXR750 - easier on the body for the long freeway sections.

    If you like it and you're allowed - go for it!
  15. Hayabusa dry weight = 219kg...

    I commute every day on a Honda Deauville, dry weight = 228kg.
    One of my colleagues commutes on a Triumph Rocket III, dry weight = 302kg.
    Yet another colleague commutes on a Honda Goldwing GL1800, dry weight = 10,000kg (approx).

    It's definitely doable. The Hayabusa is lighter and more manoeuvrable than all of the above - the main difference being that with all that power, the slightest lapse in concentration and you wake up dead.
  16. I commute on a Suzki M109, and have no problem filtering or splitting. With debaffled pipes, they hear me coming, look, and make room.

    Imagine how good your low speed skills will become!
  17. It might limit the filtering a little but it will be OK. Despite the power it's a pretty flexible motor.
  18. Engine temp may be an issue but bar from that it should be fine.
  19. Is there any modern japanese motorcycle >250cc that is less suitable for commuting? Maybe a goldwing would be more of a handful, but you get a lot more luxury and comfort, and it'd probably be slightly cheaper to maintain.

    Which is a comment on the excellence of modern japanese motorcycles.
  20. Sounds a bit reminiscent of the time I shaved my head bald at uni. When mates asked why I did it, I could only reply with the truth:

    "Because I felt like it."

    I say do it!

    - boingk