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Hayabusa as a commuter?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Bravus, Sep 13, 2013.

  1. Love my Bandit, and if cost was no object I'd love a B-King or a K1300R next. But the former tends to be about 12 grand for a decent example and the latter 15-18.

    But there's a bounteous buttload of 'Busas on Bikesales (alliteration!), starting at about $7,500 or less.

    I mostly commute 10 min or so to work, but do usually 1-2 trips up the M1 from the Gold Coast to Brisbane a week, so a bit more fairing than the Bandit would be nice.

    Anyone got much experience with a Hayabusa in a commuting role? It seems more sports-tourer than full on sporty in seating position.

    I'm about 5'8" (173 cm) and about 100 kg, if that's helpful.
  2. (and yes, this *is* just another bootless, just-for-discussion Bravus question: even though I could probably do the change-over from the Bandit for 4 grand or so, I still need to get my beloved a bike before I upgrade)

    Those 'Busas I'm looking at are 7-8 years newer and have half the km on them of my Bandit, btw.
  3. Nothing wrong with a 'Busa for what you're planning - maybe fit some bar risers to it though.

    This is the joy of riding a larger engined bike, nice and relaxed when you need to putter around, full on ballistic when you fancy a blat on the twisities and low revving cruising up the freeway.

    *Edit* as a K1300R rider I would recommend the Beemer if you can stretch to one. They are cheaper in the long run if you plan on keeping it for a long time.
  4. A few people in that thread talked about the weight and size of the Hayabusa for splitting. Size I guess I can see over the Bandit, though it's mostly fairings with are narrower than the bars and mirrors anyway. Being lower down might make vision a bit more of a thing. But the 'Busa is 219 kg dry and the Bandit about 250, so I'd actually be going to something lighter... and I have no hassles at all maneuvering the Bandit.
  5. Get a red one.
  6. I travel to work each day on a ZX14. They really are quite similar.

    Perfect for when you feel the need to win the morning commute but as you point out, filtering isn't always as easy.
  7. Honestly in heavy traffic the ZX14 is like riding a barbeque, besides from that no dramas.
  8. Any bike is a compromise of purposes, if you are trying to do different things on one model. It all depends what "weighting" your preferences give each purpose.

    My preferences run to good weather protection on my commute, followed by touring. Ergo an FJR suits my needs. If I wanted the simplest, lightest commuter that fitted my size, it would probably be a full sized naked bike frame, running a ~400cc motor through a shaft drive (for ease of maintenance).
  9. Much like the answer to all car questions is Miata, the answer to all bike questions is 'Busa*

    *May be authors pretty much unfounded opinion with little basis in reality
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  10. Sure, 10 min trip just became a 5 min one! :)

    $7.5K, unrestricted (cos you wouldn't buy a restricted one) busa's are what, 10 years old now? I can see you spending a bit of cash getting it back to standard, especially if you plan on doing the triple tonne.

    Other than that, do it.
  11. @Bravus That's a pretty good deal in my opinion, go for it! Even if it did end up not being the bike you wanted you wouldn't lose to much selling it.
  12. That's a lot of bike for $7k.
    Is it just me, or have they grown uglier as they have evolved?
  13. I personally love the look of the gen 2s, they took what I love about the gen 1s and emphasized it. But were I to get one, it'd be the '99 unrestricted, or the '08+ gen 2s. They're restricted but supposedly a nicer ride overall.
  14. Jalopnik fan Gurbachen??
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  15. There are other bikes on bike sales with way less klms for only a bit more $,
  16. In QLD? Because most of these are old enough that there's a good chance they don't still have the original pipes and such, so switching states for rego purposes could be a massive PITA. I guess if there was a good enough deal it might be worth making the attempt...
  17. I don't know the dimensions of the busa but IMo the width/weight aren't what makes the k1300r harder to commute on, it's the wheelbase.
  18. The K splits and commutes like a mofo, no problems there. I cut through Sydney traffic every day on it (40K's each way).