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Hay fever season

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Iffracem, Dec 21, 2005.

  1. Don't ya just hate it?

    I don't get full blown red eyes, sinus thumping, blocked nose to the eyeballs Hayfever anymore, since I was "de-sensitised" by a couple of years worth of injections.

    But I still get the "irritated nostril producing litres of snot" syndrome when the season is bad.

    This morning was bad, when I stopped for petrol and took the helmet off, there was 6 long threads of silvery-yellow snot stretched out like mozzarela cheese between my nose, beard and the helmet :shock:

    How do you cope?, wedge a snot-rag between nose and helmet? use an open face and tie the snotrag over your nose aka the one percenters?
    Or just stay home and ring in sick??

  2. eeeeeeewwwwww mozzarella snot that is totally yuck. Thanks for the mental image JJ :(
  3. Buy shares in Kleenex :LOL:
  4. Stick a tampon up each nostril :LOL:
  5. Telfast is really good. I use the 24 hours super strength tabs and take one every 12 hours when the itchys start to get really bad. I hate sneezing into my helmet... it makes cleaning the visor really difficult! :D
  6. Stuff your beard up your nose? :LOL:
  7. I tend to breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth. It seems to help. :)
  8. nice idea... but try this out
  9. I was wondering about this myself... being someone who sneezes his head off during hay fever season... Sneezing into a helmet is one thought, but I hate to think of what's going to happen if I lose my head going around a corner.

    (Getting qride tomorrow, so I've actually not done any of these yet)
  10. I used to be one of the worst sufferers of hayfever, but now during the offending months I spray Rhinocort (Sp?) up each nostril every morning, and I haven't had a day of hayfever this year. A few years ago I spent Spring and summer working as a gardener, and I didn't get hayfever once. it works wonders for me.
  11. I cop it when I do the hay. By the time I've finished baling I can't see the front of the tractor and there is the ususal spray all over the bonnet.

    I take a anti-histamine tablet and that seems to dry me out long enough to enjoy life for a while.

    Someone told me there are some garlic based pills available that do the job well. but I've never tried anything like that. The anit-hissies work for me.
  12. No, this will only cause more tickling, and thus more cheese.
    You need to isolate your sensitive nasal passage from the irritants in the air.
    Try using two but plugs inserted into your nostrils, use vaseline to ensure a snug fit, and you will find that your nasal passages will now be irritant free for as long as you leave them in.
    I suggest using red or yellow ones, so they are easy to find when you are looking for them in your rack bag.
  13. I was just thinking let it dribble down to your mouth and swallow it ROFL
  14. For pity's sake get a flip face or open face in the meantime.
  15. I get bad hayfever despite having the desensitizing injections for a couple of years (twice).

    I use Telfast 180mg which reduces the sneezing to only occasionally.

    I combine that with Beconase inhaler (which takes 3 to 4 days twice a day to reach full effectivness).

    The Beconase reduces the runny nose effects to a minor nuisance from the gross mess you describe!
  16. I still cop it bad, all-year-round now.

    None of the tablets work for me these days, tried the Zyrtec, Claratyne, Telfasts, herbals, etc. All useless. :( Instead I get reamed on the price of Rhinocort, which is very effective (if taken properly) but is quite expensive.

    It is available in a 1/4 strength variant over the counter, but your Doc should be able to prescribe you the proper drug no problems. I find if I use it everyday it works.... or just occasionally and a bigger dose when it gets bad also works. At the moment I think it's the best solution short of needles they have for hayfever. :(
  17. I've tried Rhinocort and honestly... Beconase works just as well (at least for me).
  18. I also found Acupuncture (Cheech and Chong Stylin') to be remedial.
  19. My My... some weird ideas there :shock:

    Eswen.. on your theme, how do you tell if your blonde secretary is having a bad day? when she can't find her pen, and she has a tampon stuck behind her ear. 8-[

    No Gromit, the beard just doesn't work. and as pennance for the suggestion, I'm gunna send you a signed picture of myself, respendant with facial hair shoved up the nostrils. That'll turn you and your family right off the christmas lunch.

    Randy_rider.. Red and yellow Butt-plugs and vaseline... no thanks, I'm already bordering the butt-ugly status, don't want to remove all doubt.

    I think, as it's a temorary affliction I'll just wrap a snotrag around the snozz