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Having troubles doing u-turns

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by thecptn, Dec 11, 2005.

  1. Im a rather tall guy, 6'3", how ever my faithful bike is some thing built for midgets, the problem comes when I attempt to do a u-turn from a standstill, now provided there is sufficient room or its a culldesac, I can manage it pretty good, how ever if its narrow, such as a small street, I find that when i try to full lock the handlebars, they hit my knees, and my fingers get jammed too, i have tried some what bringing the knee out, but it makes it akward to do, I have managed to it a few times, but for most of the times, when ever I try it, ill find im running out of momentum and room, and handlebar stuffed in my knee, and end up placing my foot on the ground, any hints?

  2. Power it up and counter-steer it around. :twisted:

    [Edit: or read dan's link above...]
  3. cool, ill practise it :shock:
  4. I was taught to to turn your head and looking the direction you want to go, use the back brake only and keep the engine revving and slip the clutch. The most important thing is keep your head up , turned hard and look where you want to go. Do not under any circumstances look at the floor. I did whilst training and I did fall off
  5. cheers fellas, that video...bloody hell :shock:
  6. ok im a little confused, what are they doing? Racing? simulating a good day in tokyo traffic?

    if you were racing wouldnt a dirtbike shape be better?


    im confused.
  7. nice vid tho.....

    forgot to include in the other post.... doh
  8. The video is of some Japanese police skill/maneuvering trials. Basically they have to do a very tight short set of low speed maneuvers, presumably designed to test a policeman's ability to get their bikes around tight crowded city streets. The have to get through the set course as quickly as they can.

    In any event, it showcases a variety of low-speed U-turns, and gives you an idea of just how even quite large and heavy bikes can be U-turned almost on a dime, and very quickly too.
  9. and some of those turns almost seem to happen too quickly for the length of bike.... it must be an artform staying alive some days.....
  10. I have a similar problem trying to U'y the 'Star. Basically I find that if I angle my foot out 45 degrees it moves my knee enough to get the bar in full lock. May not work on a sportie, but works fine on a cruiser.
  11. i'm with the spinning of the back wheel. It may eat up your back tyre
    But it will get you around fast :D

    Its got me stumped :-k :-k :-k :-k

    :LOL: :LOL: