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Having to sneeze while rolling along

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by TheShak, Jul 19, 2013.

  1. Probably a silly question but in my defense, I'm a noob :)

    What's the recommended way to sneeze safely while wearing a full-faced helmet while chugging along? short of just letting it fly and splatter all over the inside of the helmet that is ;)
  2. I have photic sneeze syndrome where I sneeze whenever it get's brighter, which is a lot when riding, so I'm an expert on motorcycle sneezing. Just get your head back as quick as possible. Never had a problem.
  3. I have this method where I can sneeze inside my head without it going everywhere. Kind of feels like my head explodes. Otherwise all over the mouth guard is fine.

    Oh and wearing a helmet doesn't stop me from putting a hand in front of my face and slapping the helmet haha

  4. I guess what I'm worried about is sneezing and splattering all over my prescription glasses and the inside of the visor. True, I could flick up the visor easily enough, but the glasses on the other hand... :X3:
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    Nah, it goes on the chin bar, if you really explode hard enough you might get a few dots on the visor. The worst is the mucus dripping down, but we don't talk about this.
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  6. Although rare, that method has been known to cause aneurisms. Plus it makes me see stars for seconds afterwards. I think I'll keep directing the blast out my gob for now.
    I'm a chronic multiple sneezer (usually four in quick succession. Fortunately it's not very often while riding but I've had a few episodes where I've been effectively unsighted for seconds at a time. Also, can't ride inline fours if the vibes are bad as they make my nose itch unbearably :yuck:
  7. What type of helmet do you own? Couldn't you put in a nose guard? .. I'll be grabbing one shortly, reduces the viser fogging up as well when you are slowing down at the lights
  8. Oh god, I think I'll just sneeze on my chin bar from now on :eek:
  9. Is that what it's called? My daughter has this everytime she goes outside. Drives her mad.

  10. i'm a real noob in that I have neither gear nor bike as of yet, but I hadn't even considered nose guards so I'll definitely keep that in mind! thanks for the heads up. (y)
  11. Apparently its very common, but people give me the weirdest looks when I tell them about it.

  12. Don't. That shit is NASTY. I did it once on the entrance to the eastern freeway, and had to ride 20km at 100 (or so, officer, my speedo isn't totally accurate) with chunky snot all over the place. Just don't.
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  13. I am a known 'violent sneezer'.

    As someone else said, get you head back up and your eyes open as soon a you can.

    Oh, and if you know you are going to sneeze and you're moving, don't be tempted to open the visor, it gets very messy and in very cold weather snot does freeze....

  14. bugger, I was going to ask about that next :confused: guess i'm most likely going the nose guard route. if the helmet I end up buying has that attachment available for it...
  15. I found that, for some reason, a nose guard type fog mask made my glasses fog even worse.

  16. bugger, and it's kinda hard to test in-store and I somehow don't think a shop would let you wear one out for a test drive. I might just have to bite the bullet and see...
  17. I have a Shoei helmet, and the nose piece is additional option for $20.
    They come with chin curtain to stop the up draft, I just put mine in as the colder weather freezes your face.

    All other helmet brands should have it as an option or possibly even included.
  18. This is exactly why I have a flip helmet, that and @smileedude thinks it looks awesome.

  19. a flip helmet sounds the go 109er. Just finished my Q-ride course today so will be shopping for the bits and pieces over the next little while :)
  20. Just sneeze, wipe the chin bar and get on with it. If it's cold you're nose will be running all over your face anyway.

    Motorcycling isn't flattering.