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Having the time of his life

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Mar 12, 2006.

  1. Driving to work the other day, through Engadine in the Southern Suburbs of Sydney. Three lanes, all full but moving, around 7:45 am.

    Loud noise and flash of something to my left, turn to see.

    Here's a young guy in pretty average riding gear, on a beautifully restored RD-250LC.

    Ah, memories, the smell of two stroke first thing in the morning, the induction roar, the rattles and shakes, and I swear I could see a huge grin through his helmet. Probably half the number of gear changes between then and when he lost me in traffic were unnecessary, but why not?

    I'd have swapped seats with him in an instant......
  2. I love those bikes! i first saw one in an article on an ex-racer who has restored one to it's former glory and beyond,. It was putting out 65HP @the rear wheel!!!! He claimed to have embarrassed quite a few people on newer bikes.
  3. Yeah they were a nice bike. My old man used to ride a RD-350 on his L's (with the 350 badges suitably removed). Shame he never kept it (so I could ride it).
  4. Yes the RD is a nice bike :)

    My friend has one.. I gte to ride it whenever :)

    I love riding it :)
  5. There is one (RD250LC)vfor sale on ebay only $2200
  6. Our mate G is selling his beat up RD250 no takers yet. I think thats ue to the fact his mate rode it into a pole!!!