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Having the Hyosung Serviced

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Meph, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. Just wondering if someone could help me out there.

    I bought the bike and i was told that the first service is 1000 k's or 3 months. This was done at 3 months (co-incidently 1000 k's). Now i havent been able to see what the next service interval is in terms of time.

    I know that each service is 4000 k's, however it doesnt mention anything about a timeframe, i.e 4000 k's or 6 months.

    ATM im doing way less than average k's (ive had it for around 6 months and im around 2500 k's) so im looking more at the dates. I want to keep the bike covered under warranty, if nothing more than to help resale. At least the car guys give me that little sticker that says when to bring it back in.

    Cheers in advance
  2. Hmm, interesting. Doing some searching,I found the manual

    It only mentions distances for servicing (Page 51). Only thing I can offer is, my Daytona 675 scheduled servicing is for every 10,000KM or 12 months (whichever comes first). I guess do your own oil + oil filter change every 6 or 12 months yourself, just depends how "fussy" you. I would leave the other checks to be done per schedule (i.e every so many KMs travelled)

    Hope I could help, if not, oh well. I'm falling asleep, I gotta wake up in 5-6 hours to take my morning pain killers.. OOPS, I'm off to bed! :eek:
  3. You keep the same oil for 10,000km? :shock:
  4. i had a chat with the boys at staffords re serviceing of my gv 250.
    the manual states that service intervals are 4000 staffords are more than happy to extend to 6 or 8000. the reason is that hyosung export their bikes to regions were fuel and conditions are considered severe but all manuals are written to cover this. the more you service your bike the better. the only thing that will suffer is your wallet. i would service a bike at least once a year reguardless of kilometers just to have some piece of mind about the condition of the fluids. most fluids have a life of 2 to 4 years. i get mine looked at every 6000 by staffords but also check it over about once a week to keeb brakes adjusted check bolts etc
  5. I only know about the 650's but the oil in mine was stuffed at 4000, and the valve checks cannot be skipped. if you want to keep the warranty that is
  6. Hyo Service

    I think you should be safe waitng for the 4000km service.

    I dont ride my bike allot and did the same and it was fine.. As long as you store your bike somewhere out of the elements and in a dry space. Keep it ticking over by starting it every so often and allowing it to warm up you should be fine.

  7. Nope, as I said in my OP, it's the (recommended) maintenance schedule. I personally changed the oil + filter twice before the 800KM first service. Also one at 6K KMS. I'll change the oil + filter once between each scheduled maintenance session.
  8. If you ride regularly, 6 month service intervals are good. But a 250 should be fine for 12 month gaps. Here is where they can adjust your chain tension, make adjustments as needed and of course clean out your oil.

    Bikes are higher maintenance than cars, so for your investment, as realistic as possible with the intervals (unless you punch up 1000'ks a month etc.)
  9. I've got an '07 model gt250r and took the bike in for the 1000k service a while back. The service report they gave me stated a date for the next scheduled service... which was very diifferent to the manual which says service @ 4000k intervals. I told the guys this and they said it's best to stick to the manual schedule, unless I was fussy and wanted to fork out $300+ for more frequent servicing.

    I'll stick to the manual.
  10. Very simple rules...
    Which ever comes first:

    Oil and oil filter every 6 months to 12 months (depending on quality of oil and type of bike) as oil onece it has been used in a bike engine will get petrol contamination and will brake down over time.

    Oil and oil filter every 5000km (or as in the Hayos and some other bikes sooner AS PER MANUAL!) as oils do not last much longer than 5000km

    Tuning and adjustments ie valve clearances and carby sync as per manual... which means 4000-5000km for the Hayos :(

    So best solution is to cover 10,000km per year and do the service twice a year :D
  11. Hi guys, I just purchased a 2006 GT250 that has done 850km, and only 50km since its 1st service back in feb (8 months ago). Because of its lack of use should I change the oil before taking it for a days ride or should it be ok?
    I have so much to learn......
  12. At a minimum I change oil and filter every six months regardless of mileage(if below specified mileage for a change) on anything I own. Condensation and acid formation are the killers when an engine sits with used oil in it. I have seen oil pans with a light etch line around them where oil has sat for long periods of time unchanged. :shock:
    On a low km bike, that's probably all you'd need to to till the next scheduled service interval.

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. Well i just need some clarification

    The manual says there's the first 1000k service - done. Then it says that there are certain things to be done ever 4000 ks and 8000ks. Now the first service is little more than an oil change, so lets say that im going to go per the schedule of the manual. Will i get my second service done at 4000k's, or 5000 k's (being 4000 from the first service)?

    For the record id like to change the oil on my bike and my car myself but finding somewhere to take the old oil, and in the case of the tip, paying for the disposal of the old oil, is a bit of a drag.

    If i wanted to change the oil + filter myself, where can i get a filter from. Something bursons would stock or would i have to get the expensive genuine filter from PS?
  14. The GT250 oil filter is $10 at any PS store..
  15. And the 650 is $30