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Having the hot for a motorbike

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by fullvision, Dec 22, 2013.

  1. Just a small issue here and wish to know of there is anyone is having it like myself
    Have you ever had the hot for a motorbike as if she is hot chick ?
    I mean like mmmmm there many mutual things between both of them :
    They both make you happy and thrilled
    They both let you ride them
    They both can kill ya or dump ya if you mess up with them or even without ! And we still love them
    They both looks hot and sharp !
    They both needs a time and a budget to control them well
    You can get bored of them so quickly and you drool over another one with a better features
    They both are high maintenance

    Honestly guys sometime I feel weird feelings toward my bike
    I feel I wanna cuddle her and maybe more ! as if she is hotter than a hot chick
    I wish I am not the only one who is having this things otherwise Maybe I should go see a doctor or maybe a bike mechanic :)
    Also I wanna say;
    Merry Xmas everyone

  2. Dude, you need to get out more.
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  3. If you try to fcuk it, make sure it's been sitting for a while. Exhaust pipes run pretty hot.
  4. hot chicks never let me ride them:(
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  5. I thought you had the hots for a "motorbike" on Saturday.

    Never seen you so interested in a "bike" as you were that ninja.
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  6. yeah wouldn't mind one of those
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  7. I would NOT want to be that bikes exhaust.....
  8. your goat doesn't seem to mind
  9. Leave my goat out of this Greg!
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  10. For some strange reason, I'm reminded of a story about the person who went to hospital with a condom covered bottle stuck up an unpleasant place. I can vision it now, Full limping into hospital with his motorbike, trying to say that he was just riding it and his boy bit slipped inside and got stuck. Totally innocently.
    He'd be right famous. I'm sure the hospital staff could do with a laugh.
  11. why did he need the condom? its not as if the bottle would give you aids
  12. I love riding my motorbike but it is no substitute for sex with a hot chick :)
  13. Wasn't it guy Martin who said he preferred a good ride more than a good shag. Maybe that's why he has never won a tt and is always frustrated, he just needs a good shag.
  14. I fcuked my bike on Reefton Spur once
  15. Didn't want to get it pregnant.
  16. Oh my life. OP has to be a troll or this guy...

  17. Not sure what weirder, the op, the guy in the clip or the fact you have the clip in your library.
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  18. Lol. You haven't seen that before? The internet has many disturbing things in store for you.
  19. You guys are filthy, at least use the air intake....