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having the camera on at the right time

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by GOOSH, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. #1 GOOSH, Oct 8, 2008
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  2. Is that you stackin' gooshie?
  3. haha... not saying much... some guy, on some bike, on some road... thats all i know
  4. Shit man, that one looked like it may of hurt a little. Did the rider or the bike peg the sign?
    Didn't sound like he broke anything. ....other than the bike of course.

  5. "This video has been removed by the user"

    I'm assuming to blank out the numberplate or something.
  6. umm nope
    try now, it worked for me
  7. Video pulled, didn't last long?

    Oddly enough once I logged in I was able to see it. :?
  8. Who would have pulled it?

    Funny as that weekend, Kinglake - St Andrews road ( :LOL: ) It was all cleaned up by the time we started heading back.
  9. can you guys test it again.... video was removed and new one put up to take out the numberplate in view.. should be working now
  10. Works now.

    At least it seemed like a fairly low speed stack.

    Hope you weren't hurt.

    What was the damage to the bike?
  11. I don't get it?
  12. and what is it that you dont get

    that people have video cameras on their bikes and take footage...

    or that this person had his video camera on his bike and was recording and manage to record himself go wide on a corner and post it up for the amusement for other to watch
  13. what happen? too fast and locked up? hand too stiff to turn?
  14. Just like Dani, forgot to turn.
  15. :?
    Target fixation ????
    Looks like he wasn't hurt luckily. Could've been worse.
    So how's your bike Goosh ? :wink:
  16. What's that in ya pocket??? or were just glad to see me??? LOL..

    Looks like you were ok, just forgot to turn??? you were doing so well then well, I dunno....what?
  17. I like the "RED" sign on the left as you enter that tightening radius corner.............. [REDUCE SPEED] :wink:

    Cheers, ratty

  18. At least we now know why they put a Reduce Speed sign just before that corner :LOL:
  19. No way. Didn't even attempt to turn.
    Thats the bit where human instinct tells you that you are going too fast, and you must not attempt the corner. If you can resist that instinct, and attempt the corner, you will have more happy than sad endings.