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Having probs not being noticed in traffic?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Aug 11, 2005.

  1. Weight: 3280 lbs

    Turning radius: Approx 110 ft

    :shock: :shock: :shock:

    That thing needs a Union Pacific sign on the side! :LOL:
  2. Love to see gixxersrule riding THAT up the Reefton!!!
  3. Kinda makes that other thread -Size of bike by your bodyweight - a bit lame :LOL:
  4. 25 mpg???

    maybe he uses different gallons?
  5. It uses the engine and drivetrain from a Chevy Nova :shock:

    Philip J Fry 'I've never seen a supernova explode before but if it's anything like my Chevy Nova it should light up the night sky'
  6. ROFLMFAO, i love that line
  7. That's insane.

    Good thing he only made 2. The local bikie gang astride a fleet of these would create a bit of queue.

    Would love to get a ride of one though.

  8. If any-one can get that on the back wheel, gixxer's the man .
  9. You'd want to be careful about monoing it.

    A cessna wedged in the front forks would really put a dent in aerodynamics.
  10. I can sort of understand why someone might want to build one.... but two?
  11. Maybe it was one of those "well I wonder if we can do that again" things??? Slap some wings and a prop on it and you could have a flying bike ala BattleStar Galatica. hehehe
  12. The silly thing is that once you got it rolling it would probably make a pretty sweet freeway cruiser. I'd hate to hit anything that even vaguely resembled a tight corner though.
  13. That's big.
    I can safely say that that's not my potato. :wink:
  14. only in America, eh?
  15. That is 120 klicks passed the Doh Long Bridge... :shock:
  16. lol,wonder how many people in cars would abuse me then? :LOL: :LOL:
  17. How the hell would you make it turn??? I mean you could lean like a mutha and it would be like a flea hanging off of a dog. Would be just the thing for going across the Nullabor though.
  18. They might abuse you, but they wouldn't DARE get in your way....... :D
  19. Feint into the corner, foot out and light 'er up is about all I can think. You'd want balls of steel to do it though.