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Having an emergency contact on you while you ride

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Sweeris, May 28, 2008.

  1. Just the other day I had a break from work. I had a thought of keeping a emergency contact details in my wallet just in case I get into a accident and I'm in no condition to give out any details on who to contact....

    Anyone think this is a good idea??
  2. Definitly. I have an entry in my mobile phone that is for emergency contact. It's under ICE (in case of emergency) Apparently Doctors and Ambos are aware of this and may go looking for it.
  3. i spoke to an ambulance driver not long ago and he recommended programming an emergency number in yer phone under the name 'ICE'.
    'In Case of Emergency'.
    its not unusual for ambos to check the contacts on yer phone for someone to call.
  4. bah!Pete you beat me by seconds...
  5. Your "ICE" number will only be useful if the emergency people can access the stored numbers in your mobile. There will be a problem if your mobile phone's keypad is locked or your mobile asks for PIN or password to access the stored numbers.
  6. Further on this (and the ICE one is a good one and shoulda done that myself ages ago) anyone who routinely rides on their own for days at a time should take a look at this http://www.findmespot.com

    I got mine a week ago and its brilliant for what I do, wife can just check the web link to my personal link anytime she likes. So far not available to buy here but its the same unit worldwide so doesn't matter where you get it from. I paid $135 usd delivered which is about $150 aus, costs $99usd / year for the service and $49usd yr if you want the automated tracking.
  7. Thanks for the reminder Guys, been meaning to add "ICE" to my phone a while ago. :wink:
    Great Idea pete!, Just ordered a set
  8. Check out Medi Bandit. (they advertise on Netrider) My husband has one and I am going to get one. $25 I think, worn as an armband and has emergency contact details plus blood group and any important medical info on it.
  9. My motorbike jacket has a little tag just under the "size/brand" tag.

    Blood Group=

    Iv also got a little tag that hangs off the front brake resivour thingi with those details incase the accident is so bad my jacket is completly fried!!!

    I think this is sufficent enough! but just in case i've stored it in my phone.
  10. Any Ambo / Copper / Fiery (either breed) knows how to unlock a phone.
    I agree if it needs a code to do so they cannot.
    99.x% of keypad locks don't need a code, just * enter or similar.

    I'm told ALL the above emergency services are now taught to look for ICE.
  11. Now that is a bloody good idea especially since my Mrs always worries when i'm travelling for work etc.

    *grabs credit card*
  12. +1
  13. Not that it's entirely relevant - just an aside - but it isn't the ambos that would be making a call to nok, it'd be emergency nurses doing that upon arrival at casualty.
  14. Yep got my wife's details in ICE. Only issue is that now there are two entries under that number - one under her name, one under ICE. It means the caller ID doesn't identify whoi it is when she calls.

    That's just sad becasue my phone audibly tells you who it is that calls :( Now I don't get Do doo da di duh duh duh dum dum dum dum dum "EBO" do do da di duh dum dum dum dum dum "EBO" :grin:
  15. We are?

    In all seriousness, I have just learn't some nice little bits of information here and I may bring it up in our next EMR/Rescue drill to see what the ambos do in this situation. Thanks folks.
  16. Good thing ben cousins doesn't ride a motorcycle eh, they arent gonna get much help if they ring ice.
  17. As someone mentioned earlier, the ambo's/police don't usually make the call. Normally it's an ED nurse at the hospital. In my case they went through my phone and found entries for "Mum" and "Dad" and "Home" and went from there.
  18. So does mine. Nokia by any chance?
    So I put an entry that says:

    ICE - See (entry name) in phone