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Having a whale of a time fishing

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Oct 31, 2009.

  1. Between us my brother and myself have racked up more than 30 years fishing off the wharf at Tathra, on the far South Coast of NSW. In that time we've seen all manner of sea creatures, but today topped them all.

    At around 8:00am we were the only two people on the wharf when a mother whale and her young offspring appeared; not as distant specks on the horizon, but no more than 10 metres away!!! They rose to the surface in unison and dived in usison as they slowly progressed from the beach end of the wharf to deeper waters in the bay. They were so close that we could see the texture of their skin! It was one of those moments when you wish there 50 people there so you could yell, "HEY look!!!!!".

    Needless to say, I didn't have a camera with me, nor did my brother; needless to say we were both suitably flabbergasted by the short but amazing event.
  2. Would have been an awesome experience.

    I kayak fish, and I dream of the day that I have a similar experience while I'm out in the briny.
  3. Nice!

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  4. hahahahahaha i love it!!

    Awesome about the whales man i got to see one recently but it was a long way out. Couldnt imagine being so close to them!!
  5. What you didn't have a camera ?
    Don't mobile 99.9% of mobile phones have camera's in them these days ?

    I can just see Hornets reaction as he reads this ...
    Dag Nabit I forgot about that new fangled techknollagie :rofl:
  6. Actually I DO have a camera in my phone, but seeing as if I'm with V****one and their coverage at Bega/Tathra is non-existant (see the thread "Tired of having no coverage"), my phone was in the fishing box and turned off.

    And, yes, dagnabit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. when we holidayed in Newcastle earlier this year, we went out on a whale watching boat.

    We saw whales and dolphins and I was told the experience was amazing.

    I got horribly sea sick and almost missed the whales. I was inside the boat when one of the hosts came to check on me .
    As soon as I was able to open my eyes, the whale and her calf were swimming on my side of the boat and I saw them both breach and then dive, it was an amazing site.

    **** I hate sea sickness :(
  8. Must be being older and slowing reflexes, but as I said I was so flabbergasted by the sight that it never even occured to me to grab the camera in my tackle box and try and get a snap :(.
  9. You may not have recorded it, but you had the chance to enjoy it.
    You lucky, lucky ba$tard (No insult intended)
  10. Wish I was there to witness it, I have never seen a Whale.
    One for the memory banks there old boy.
  11. There is an article (and photo) in today's Bega district news. Some bloke saw what I can only assume to be the same whale and calf just off the Pambula River mouth at dawn on Saturday.

    It seemed it was a very moving experience for the writer as well...

    Can't find an online reference to it - perhaps it may turn up later?