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Having a Mid Life Crisis!!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Mid Life Crisis, May 4, 2016.

  1. Hi All,

    Just joined the forum and taking the chance to introduce myself.

    Mid 40's have come along and found myself wanting to do something that I wanted to do for many years, bought a bike!!

    I figure I am old enough that my mum can't say no now (she did 25 years ago) and it was easier to seek forgiveness than permission from "she who must be obeyed". My wife thought I was nuts and sought solace from her gaggle of friends only to find that their husbands all have bikes as well. It appears i was the only bloke without one.

    Did my L's test last June, bought myself a Ninja 650L and got my P's in August.

    I have loved the last year on the bike, taking advantage of weekend or Sunday soujorns either by myself or with new found friends. Being based in Sydney, I have been south to Batemans Bay, north to Forster and west to Oberon. Many trips up the Putty and out to Wisemans and Spencer (great spot for a coffee).

    The more I use the bike, the more I love it, however, feel that this won't be my last one. I am already scouring and researching an Adventure tourer for when I am off LAMS restriction. First choice so far is the Triumph XCX. I think that this will be the bike to wander the map to find that special camping or fishing spot.

    Anyway, that's me. Hope to catch you on the road


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  2. Welcome mate, many in the same boat and many here are returned riders after lengthy breaks for various reasons. There's a bunch of folk who arrrange rides in Sydney and the areas you've mentioned, so if you want any company have a look at the rides threads for NSW.
  3. Welcome to NR..
  4. Welcome to the forum mate - quite a few of us doing the old 'midlife re-assessment' thing.

    See the separate thread on the planned May 22 6 ferry ride if you want to join some fellow Netriders. Hope to see you around.
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  5. Welcome Mid Life CrisisMid Life Crisis :cool:

    As others have said, check out the NSW ride forums and you'll see quite a few of us doing similar rides, you're more than welcome to come along as most are usually L/P friendly.
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  6. Welcome to NR from Adelaide. You should be able to Tee up a ride with someone.
  7. Welcome to Netrider!!
  8. G'day AndrewAndrew, welcome to the forum. Congratulations with the way you're handling your, umm, crisis. It was also about 25 years ago that I was given a firm "NO." about motorcycles and I've subsequently only been a licensed rider since 2014. As GeorgeO said, there's lots of 30, 40 and 50-something new riders here who share similar experiences.
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  9. Welcome aboard. Your story is not uncommon. I too have always loved the idea of a bike. I was the one who used to say no and called everyone mad for buying a bike. I think it would help prevent the urge of riding. Now I am nearly 50 and have only been riding occasionally have really learned to appreciate the freedom you get while riding. As a part time farmer in the Stroud area it's nice to catch up with friends for a ride, try new places for lunch and have coffee. BTW, my wife is still not keen on me having a bike. Some things in life you just need to do. Enjoy!
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  10. Welcome Andrew, see you on the road!
  11. Welcome Mid Life CrisisMid Life Crisis enjoy the serenity while your misses is gaggling with her friends (y)
  12. welcome aboard :)
  13. You'll have a lot of fun on the XCX. Cycle Torque tested in the April 2015 issue, which you can read online or download - follow this link for all the options.
  14. Welcome I'm in same boat the wait to get off restrictions and on to a bigger bike is like an ache, see you out there
  15. G'day, doesn't really sound like much of a crisis to me. Enjoying the riding is one thing but thinking about upgrades or your next bike is fun too!
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  16. Welcome to the club, Mid Life CrisisMid Life Crisis

    Looks like your current ride is not afraid to leave the smooth stuff, either.
    How good is bike camping?
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  17. g'day Mid Life CrisisMid Life Crisis and welcome to NR and to riding!

    I would not call it a mid-life crisis, that's what those that are too lazy or jealous to have a go call it when they see someone in their prime of life getting out and doing something new and enjoying themselves.

    riding is the most fun you can have with your clothes on.
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  18. Hi Mick,

    it was off road for about a K. Very slow, but I had ridden about 6 hours to get there so that wasn't going to stop me.

    And yes, love Bike camping. The photo was taken the day i decided i need an adventure tourer (AUSTRALIA DAY LONG WEEKEND)
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  19. Hi and welcome!
    Yup did same! Women also have midlife crisis and buy bikes! You never know, your wife might see how much fun you're having and want to join too!
    Enjoy the ride!!!
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