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Having a Chit Chat at the lights.....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by DANNIBOI, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. Was on my bike yesterday as were i think all of us here in melbourne. and me and a mate were on the way home.
    Pulled up at a set of lights and another learner came up next to me and had a chat, just general stuff. i didnt mind at all as a fellow learner it didnt bother me.

    My question is, do some people think its rude to talk to fellows bikers at lights? or is it welcomed?

    also if youve got any funny stories about this feel free to post em.
  2. Yeah I love havin a chat at the lights. Alot of older blokes seem to be nicer and willing to talk, wheras the younger blokes just wanna get home. Thats my generalisation for the week. but I dont mind havin a barney at the lights.
  3. Did you get to discuss all the hot topics?

    Why did they not nod at me?
    Filtering vs splitting
    bike vs scooter
    talking to other riders at lights.......
  4. Having other riders open their visors and make chit chat at the lights is all part the commonality we know as "the love of riding".

    Chat away i say.. \:D/
  5. +1 to chatting. Unless the other rider has had a bad morning/day, nearly everyone I've nodded to is happy. After my initial getting used to riding, my stress levels have dropped since riding, :wink:
  6. I chat, unless I am listening to music, which is most of the time hehehe
  7. very rarely do i chat at lights unless i have just missed the green, and know all the cars behind me are stopped, if all that hasn't happened then i pay full attention to the road :)
  8. when possible i do.. more a quick hows things.
  9. car drivers often chat to me.

    usually "WTF type of bike it that" or "You cut me off back there you hoon"

    i love a chat
  10. I think the one time anyone ever wanted to chat was one of the few times I had the iPod, so I just had to nod and smile. Hope he wasn't propositioning me.
  11. More than happy to chat, welcome it in fact. Only problem is when I'm wearing ear plugs and lhave to just look back at them blankly, nod and smile.
  12. I've never had a chat at the lights. Then again, I wear earplugs and black sunnies.
  13. REPSI -

    nar he just asked me how i went on the twisties, i gave him a big thumbs up and told him my balls hurt so much wouldnt be able to piss for a week, he cracked up and almost fell off.

    just chatted bout the ride, i told him about netrider, he said hell check it out..... see im thinkin of you guys lol :LOL:
  14. The chattin and nods are one the bet parts bout riding I reckon, suddenly the world seems a much friendlier place :grin:. Few older fellas seeing how i'm doin on the L's, or just a quick howdy.
  15. Exhaust is too loud, but then again "Loud pipes save lives!"
  16. Funny Stuff Respi... ha ha!! Yes, the burning issues indeed.. We now have the "should Scooter Riders have access to bike lanes?" topic to add to the list.

    I also say Gday at the lights if I know it will be green for a bit, and if that other person responds with a nod/gday back and nothing else then I just think 'rightio, all good' or if they get a convo going its a good thing also.

    Reading any thread on this topic, I have always had the thought based on peoples accounts that ZZ Top type dudes on Harley's hate little Jap Bike Riders like me. I generally stop lane splitting if I see a Heavy Hitter at the lights or just get out of their way where ever possible. Thinking about what I just said, thats actually pretty ignorant, but Im a Noob still finding my feet, so have proceeded with caution to be honest. However, I have moved on a bit......

    On my last ride I had a bad ass mofo looking dude pull up next to me at the lights. He was riding a Thumping Chopper that was idling louder than most planes take off. No riding gear, just an open face helmet, singlet, shorts and boots. He was clearly sponsored by the 'stabilo boss/papermate' ink company as had some of the best and meanest tatts around. (head to toe). There may have been 1 or 2 teeth present perhaps and the beard was resting over the top of his handle bars. Talk about intimidating......

    When pulling up, at the precise moment I thought it was time to evacuate the bike and run, bolt across the middle of the intersection perhaps before I got a 1 boot salute, I thought stuff it, just say hello you scardy cat. After fumbling out a "gday mate, nice farking day for it hey".. this bloke was chatting away about his ride, his week, getting the flu and not being able to ride last week, the state of the traffic and how life in general is pretty good.

    When the lights went green and I got a little cheeky to keep up, he smiled and then took off at Mach 3 in a deafening display of obnoxius 2 wheel might and power.

    ok, so maybe next time it wont be a "At the lights Cinderalla convo story", but Im glad I went for the chat and got over my pre judgement. Made my day and also made me realise that 250cc is just not cutting it anymore......"I want that one"
  17. Riding up Norwest Bvde, notice a SV1000 following...
    Decide to give it a squirt, SV1000 pulls along side at Windsor Rd lights.

    "Man your bikes Fkn loud" he says...

    His bike = SV1000 with twin aftermarket pipes
    My bike = GSX250F with aftermarket pipe. Loudest Across i've ever heard.

    Since that bike got stolen i've only had OEM pipes... must do something about that :)
  18. gpxkermit250 -
    haha funny story man, i say a simaler looking dude on a beefy VN Vulcan the other day. i thought the same thing..... I WANT ONE. lol :cool:
  19. dont mind a chat. usually it ends up in hand signals etc as my helmet blows for trying to talk in. plus i usually have headp[hones in if im communting.

    3 of us pulled up at the lights the other day about to pull oto the freeway and it started pissing down. I threw my head up in a 'come on u gotta be kidding me' look and the other 2 gave the 'yeah i know can you beleive it' looks/signals. its comradary thing.

    ive mistaken what i guy was saying/signally once. I thought he was telling me to go first (after filtering - so i nodded and yelled thanks) but what he apparently wanted to know was if i wanted to drag him, which he took my nod to mean yes. i found this out when he guned the shit out of his bike and dissapeared. he obviously doesnt know bikes well cause he was on a 750cc and mines only a 250cc. wtf would i drag on a 250?!
  20. Your feet?