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having 2nd thoughts

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by enzise, Nov 14, 2006.

  1. well was just at bike shop buying oil, chain lube etc. planing to do sevice.

    anyway more to the point i saw my first ever gs500f up close and after looking at it on the net and admiring its beauty, i still think it is a dam nice looking bike. buts its huge. well a lot bigger than i thought it would be.

    does this make it harder to ride or *cough* lane split *cough*.

    i guess i should organise test ride one day but dont have enough money yet so i still waiting. just compared to the across it looks a hell of a lot bigger.
  2. i doubt it'll be a problem, the z750 i ride is 195kg dry (20 odd kg more than the gs500f) and i don't have to much trouble. there's a small period of adjustment and then you'll wonder why you were concerned.
  3. Weird, I checked out the GS500 at the expo and actually thought it felt kinda small compared to the Kat - so it shouldn't be any more difficult to ride/split than a large 250.
  4. Dry weight is 180kg. The Across is something like 162kg, so it's not a huge difference.

    Once you're above walking pace you probably won't notice the extra weight.
  5. I moved from a 130kg 250cc to a 320kg 1600cc. The bigger bike is definately easier to ride for me, but I wouldn't say this experience is the same for all moves up the weight/power chain.
  6. Hi Voyager, that's a big jump, did you go straight from the 250 to the 1600 or did you have other bikes in between ?

    I was thinking of moving to a 600 when I loose the 250 restriction. Did you have any dramas with the big power increase ?


  7. GS500F too big to lane split, hell no. Unless you are on Parramatta road you will do it with ease. They do have fairly wide bars though at roughly the same height of a lot of mid size 4WDs, but that is never a huge problem.
  8. How'd you know that data stuff? Do u have a quick ref thingo u can direct me to? I wanna compare the weight of my old 250, w the weight of my new "possible" bike. Any ideas? :grin:
  9. but yor KAT looks like a 500 sitting next to my SPADA.....
  10. If you don't mind me saying so, weight is almost irrelevant. I know a 5 foot nothing, 55yo woman who looks like a matchstick with the wood scraped off, but she happily rides a 1.8 litre Honda cruiser. It is mainly seat height that makes a bike easier to handle. Weight not a factor once you are moving, and up to that point you just feel more confident with both feet firmly on the ground. Likewise don't be put off by capacity, a low revving torquey 500 (or even 900), will be way easier to ride than a revvy 4cyl 250 buzz box.
  11. And yet on paper it's just 5cm longer and actually 3cm skinnier - just goes to show you can't judge a bike on technical specs alone. I mean the GS on paper is larger than my bike but it didn't seem like it, in fact it felt about the same size as an Across so I can't imagine Enzise would have much trouble in switching over.
  12. What.. the KAT is skinnier than the spada??? I find that almost impossible.....but anything is possible i guess.

    i just like my V2....... i like the purr more than a scream :grin:
  13. Inci is right, a step up from a 250 to something like a GS500 won't be a drama. Considering the GS is considered by many to be a good "1st" bike you shouldn't have any trouble coming from a 250. Just like I had no trouble going from my old AG bike to the GS or my fathers Trumpy America or even back to a 50cc scoot. Once you have the experiance and a little skill you can ride anything.

    I could go out the back now and jump on a mates new R1 and go for a blat (if he would let me :LOL: ). Weights and stats mean little when you are out on the road. How it feels is the only way to tell. Just make sure you pack your commonsense when you go for a ride.